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20 Gifts to Buy For the Entire Family – The Urban Mommy 2015 Hot List Buying Guide

It’s that time of year again!

The holidays are here and now comes the fun part…picking out which gifts to give your loved ones. The children, teenagers, and adults can be difficult to shop for, and with the variety of companies competing for your hard earned dollar, the choices are endless.  

We got you covered with our list for the Hottest 20 items on the market for 2015 for every member of the family.  In this holiday buying guide, you will see all the exciting gifts you can purchase for your holiday shopping that is sure to make even the most picky member of the family  happy.  

This year’s theme is technology for the entire family. 

10 Toys For Kids and Toddlers

1. Lamaze Pippin the Push Along PupLamazepippin toy-christmas hotlist_urbanmommy



Want to catch the eye of your little one to increase hand-eye coordination and gross-motor skill development? The brightly colored Lamaze Pippin the Push Along pup is brilliantly colored to enhance proper skills. It is also featured as the best toy for Toy Industry Association’s “Infant/Toddler of the Year”!

The suggested age for this fantastic toy is 6 months +. A price of $24.99. 

2.  Fisher-Price Little People Musical Preschool

Fisher-Price Little People

Is your toddler ready to start school? The Fisher-Price Little People Musical Preschool is listed as Walmart’s Top 100 toys and will help for a smooth transition for what they can expect. The educational toy features 35 sounds, phrases, and songs which is sure to delight!

The suggested for this toy is for ages 1 to 5 years old. A retail price of $39.99. 

3.  Toymail WIFI Messaging Toy – Buck the Deer Mailman

toymail_christmasbuying guide

Reminiscent of walkie-talkies, the Toymail WIFI Messaging Toy is a clever way of connecting with the new generation. You are able to record your message by voice using the free app available for both IOS and Android. Your child can also reply and can be stored as a digital scrapbook.

The suggested aged for this toy is 3+. A retail price of $59.99. 

4.  Jetaire Camper Play Tent

What better way to spend your time with your child than making a fort? The Jetaire Camper Play Tent is a modern style and is both handmade and hand-stiched. You’ll avoid the bugs and pest and bring this pastime into the comfort of your own living room.

The suggested age is 3+. A retail price of $249. 

5.  Disney Descendants Signature Mal Isle of the Lost Doll


The daughter of Maleficent doll is wearing a stylish, matching pair of shoes. This fantastic doll also includes a locket for the girl with a sticker inside as well as a pair of shoes, pair of earrings, and two accessories.

This toy is not recommended for children under 3 years. Prices starting at $34.95

6.  SmartLab Spa Lab: All-Natural Soaps Science Kit

smartlab spa lab_urbanmommyinc_hotlist

The SmartLab Spa Lab kit is new for 2015! When your child enjoys this game, the possibilities are truly endless. They will be able to create a variety of soaps such as rose petals or lavender. The kit includes 14 soap molds, 5 gift boxes, and a 16 page full color book and so much more!

The recommended ages for this toy is for 8 years and up. A price of 19.99 is offered on this wonderful gift. 

7.  VTech 80-171600 Kidizoom Smartwatch DX

Vtech 80_urbanmommyhotlist

The upcoming Smartwatch is coming November 30, 2015 and has many interactive features for your child to enjoy. It is also perfect for young photographers!

Intended ages are 4 to 9 years. The price for this watch is $64.99

8.  Playskool Sesame Street Play All Day Elmo

playskool play all day elmo_urbanmommy

What child wouldn’t love a new Elmo toy for their collection? The Play All Day Elmo comes with two modes of play and features 8 games and activities. Enhancing retention of learning, this gift shouldn’t be overlooked this holiday season!

Intended for ages 18 months and up. A retail price starting at just $59.99.

9.  Battat Farm House

battat farm house_urbanmommy christmas list

The Battat Farm house is a wonderful choice of gift for your toddler. It includes a farmer and four adorable farm animals. Along with a carrying handle, the design for this toy keeps small hands in mind. Educational and fun, don’t miss out on this toy!

Intended for ages 3 years and up. The retail price for this toy is $33.99. 

10.  Girl Scouts Cookie Oven

girlscout oven_urbanmommyinc

The Girl Scouts Cookie oven is a real working oven and your young baker will be excited to see the cookies baking right in front of them.

The Girl Scouts cookie Oven is not recommended for children under 3 years. A retail price of $59.00. 

5 Gifts for Teens

1. Suede Mini Rocker Speaker Chair


The comfortable rocking chair is compatible with all of your teen’s devices and comes with built-in speakers. Make movie nights and gaming more exciting with this fantastic gift! Prices start at $159.00.

2.  Emoji Throw Pillow

emoji throw pillows_giftguide_urbanmommy 2015

Emojis are everywhere and teens love them. Give them a real-life emoji that starts at $17.00 to cuddle with.

3.  DIY Smartphone Projector


One of the coolest items on the market this year is the Smartphone Projector. For $35.99, teens can share their favorite movies with everyone in the room and they can build it themselves!

4.  ION iCade Arcade Bluetooth Cabinet for iPad


The Arcade Cabinet comes with a joystick and also connects via Bluetooth. Price for this fun gift starting at $60.00.

5.  Star Wars First Edition Wired Headphones


These on-Ear Wired Headphones come from a Galaxy Far, Far Away…

You can choose from the Rebel Alliance, Galactic Empire, Storm Trooper, and Boba Fett. Having trouble choosing? Collect all four! Prices starting at $179.95.

5 Gifts for Adults

1.  Automatic Connected Car Adapter


You can easily advance your vehicle to the wonderful age of smartphones by adding an Automatic adapter. This is a perfect gift and has a wide variety of third-party of apps to take advantage on to gain easy access to important data. Prices for this gift start at $79.99.

2.  GoPro Hero4 Session Camera


The GoPro’s newest addition is small and very easy to use. You can capture all those precious moments in your life and can use it for any adventure. Unlike recording with a smartphone, you can be as adventurous as you would like to be! Starting at $299.99, don’t miss out on this spectacular gift!

3.  Sphero BB-8 Star Wars Droid


This is a real life droid that you can take home and is the rolling sidekick in the upcoming Star Wars film. If you have an adult that’s a kid a heart….this is the gift.  It is guaranteed to not only impress children, but adults as well, and starts at $149.99.

4.  Virtual Keyboard


Sounds amazing doesn’t it? The new laser projection keyboard is brighter than ever before! With the advanced technologies at your fingertips, it’s almost like magic. With this keyboard being Bluetooth enabled, the laser projection can quickly and easily be used with tablets, smartphones, and most laptops. This truly amazing gift starts out at $89.99.

5.  HD Video Camera Pen


You can discretely capture HD video as well as audio with this pen. It can be used for recording lectures and meetings without interrupting anyone. A perfect gift for the adult in your life which starts at $59.99.

Enjoy the holidays and finding the perfect gifts for your loved ones.  Whatever you choose I am sure that our 2015 list will take the pressure off of you during your holiday shopping.
*(the holiday list is not endorsed by any vendors or sponsors.  All reviews done exclusive by Urban Mommy team.  We do not include links to any product sites. Please create your own unique search.)

Have a happy holiday!