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20 Incredible Ways to Create Happiness in Your Life


Webster defines happiness as:  “the quality or state of being happy.”

When I first glanced at that definition my first thought was, “WTH”??  Perhaps, there is no person in this world who doesn’t want to be happy, right? Happiness is very interesting topic and people have been seeking the answer for centuries.  Each and every person aims to be happy, but many of us moms find it difficult at times to create happiness for ourselves because we are so wrapped up in the lives of our families and loved ones.

Well, over the past year, I’ve been keeping a journal of the things in my life that truly make me happy.  And guess what? Creating happiness in your life is not rocket science… It’s simply paying attention to the things in your life that give you a sense of peace, calm and energy.

If you still are  having trouble figuring out what makes you happy,  try a few of mine and then start creating your own journal of things that make you happy.  You’ll be surprised at how fast your list will grow.

Happiness Is……

1. Walking outdoors. Spending time outdoors at least one hour a day not only improves your mood but also helps to keep you fit and healthy. When I take walks it seems to calm my nerves, mood and creates balance. Give it a try.
2. Talking with your real friends. Having a talk with your friends who understand you, support you and contribute to you is a good way to make you happy. This is also a good time to pay attention to those around you who simply are taking more than giving.. It might be time to clean up your circle.  Keep positive, loving people in your circle.
3. Getting a Massage. Who doesn’t mind receiving a pleasant massage? It could either be by a professional or significant other. Gentle touches make you feel happy and relaxed. And for me, I’ve found that it brings me back to center so that I can focus.

4. Listening to Music. Listening to music daily can do miracles for your mood. I’ve started turning on music to clean, cook or even while I’m napping. It will get you up moving and feeling good in no time.
5. Avoiding negativeness. We all know that bad things and people will spoil your moods and possibly leave you in a worse situation. Always strive to get rid of the fear in your life and be optimistic.
6. Shopping. We love it, don’t we? Now, when I say shopping I don’t necessarily mean going on a spree. Sometimes just picking up a thoughtful card for someone else will do the trick or buying a gift for someone you haven’t seen in a while.  Just time away from the typical day can lighten your spirits.
7. Dancing. Do you love dancing? Or do you love watching people as they dance? Any kind of dancing can lift your mood and make you feel healthy. You can go to clubs to dance with your friends or even dance in your house with your kids or significant other. Try it…just once a week, turn on the music and dance like no one is watching.
8. Yoga. Now at first, I didn’t care for Yoga. My doctor recommended it for helping to elevate some lower back pain, but I also found it gave me more energy, calm and balance.
9. Showing a Little Love. This is one of my favorites. An act of kindness could be one of the best ways to make you happy. For example, next time you’re in line to purchase food or coffee, offer to pay for the person’s order. Just a random act will touch you and other’s  in ways you’ve never seen before.
10. Reading a book. My grandmother always encouraged me to read to broaden my horizons. After a while, I put them down. But my daughter has reinvigorated my love of reading. In case your just starting out, try reading biographies of other people. Understanding their life’s purpose can add a little meaning to your own experiences.
11. Cooking. This is becoming one of my new favorite past-times. Cooking can be the best thing to do especially with your partner or children. Doing something together, like cooking, makes both of you happy and increases the strength of bond between the two of you.
12. Planning your future. Always develop the habit of planning your future. It not only helps you analyze your life,  but also increases your chances of success. You will gain a deeper understanding of your life. Planning also enables you to think beyond your current situation or hectic life and causes you to create a sense of structure and balance for the entire family.
13. Going on a Picnic. Go for a picnic with your family and friends. Spending some of your precious time outdoors, enjoying and appreciating nature and breathing fresh air while having fun makes you happy.
14. Physical activity.  I mean let’s be serious no one really loves working out, but we do it to stay healthy.  Physical exercises like going for gym, kickboxing, swimming, etc helps you keep fit, remain healthy, improve your moods and also helps you get rid of stress in your life.
15. Having a Healthy lifestyle. Avoid bad habits. Let’s face it.. We all have them and we all have some we can get rid of. (Smoking, soda, fast food, laziness, too much t.v ) and the list goes on and on.  Bottom line…they hinder happiness in your life.  They affect your life negatively.
16. Keeping a Diary. Learn to keep your diary. It helps you analyze yourself, successes, failures, work and relationships. Above all, it is one of the best way to understand yourself fully.
17. Personal photos.  A photo album helps you recollect your life and think of your happy past moments. You could be having photos of your childhood moments, youthful life and even your wedding if you ever did it. Perusing through them reminds you of your gold olden days.

18. Investing in Love. To me love is the essence of it all.  When you truly find a partner who you can simply adore, each day brings goodness that you will never forget.  People often believe that love completes you, but I have a different opinion. Love adds to your life and manifests the best in you. But remember, you have to love and cherish yourself first and the rest is easy.
19.  Alone time.  If you can, find a moment in each day 30 minutes to an hour when you can get away from everything and everybody. In our home, my husband knows that I need  “me” time before I go to bed.  Alone time can become an important source of inspiration . During this time I meditate, read a book or even take a bath.  Alone time enables you think about your life, analyze your current needs and wants and gives you a chance to plan your future.
20. Kids. Do you have kids? Watching them as they grow, playing with them, making them smile and laugh out loud is a good thing to do. Isn’t it that true happiness?
Remember, happiness is not a myth or misconception. It all starts with you, you are the one to determine if you want to be happy or not.

Happy New year and Best Wishes

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