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2017 Best Summer Destination for Couples

It’s that time of year when you start planning summer vacations, kid summer camps and family gatherings.  Often times we forget about the one rejuvenating thing that makes us happy….Time with our significant other. 

In case you haven’t considered a vacation for just the two of you, we’ve compiled a few hot spots that are sure to peak your interest.  

Boca Grande

In the unrestricted and simple summer days, the search for a famous American seashore town is a nationwide passion. Beach metropolises are the lifeblood of the searing months, a signal for numerous couples to look for a break from their daily work. Boca Grande in Florida, USA, has really a nice shoreline.
Famous for its calmness, wide sandy beach with not many people, it is an excellent place for lovers who share the passion to be near nature to travel to. People go to Boca Grande to see its natural parks and engage in outdoor events, such as:

1. Availing of spa services;

2. Taking boat trips;

3. Sightseeing of landmarks;

4. Shopping;

5. Touring;

6. Visiting museums; and,

7. Playing water games.

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For a loving pair dreaming of days of orchids, wine and enjoyable beaches in summer, Santorini is the dreamiest islet destination. It naturally won a niche in the cores of lovers, especially now that it is ranked as among the most quixotic islands in the world. Located in Greece, Europe, Santorini possesses the numerous merits of an isle that includes natural exquisiteness, activities, banqueting, financial value and its potential of making hearts tremble.

And you will never feel boredom even for a second of your stay even with just simply cruising, water touring, and sailing with your beloved. In addition, the place is known for its outdoor events, natural parks, touring sights and landmarks, besides boat sightseeing and water games. Aside from its food and drinks, it also has museums worth viewing, a nightlife to experience and shopping centers.

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Windy City

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We visited my home own this year for leisure and business, but the free time we had was well with it.   Ranked among the finest of American cities, this location is known for its welcoming festivities. Indeed, like event places go, the gentle Windy City creates a completely accommodating zone.

Famous for its alluring festivals consisting of days-long celebrations, it is a metropolis with magnetic highlights, such as live sounds, art sights, theaters, craft nips, famous hotdogs and offbeat residents. Festivals in the Windy City seem to always bring all these good stuffs together with many other loving travelers in pairs.

Make your 2017 straw-hat days unforgettable with these recommended destinations for couples. Do check out the links and feel free to share this with your friends through Facebook, Twitter or any kind of social media. United States travel is enough for you to create another loving summer memory.

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