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2016 Top 5 Best Home Make-over Trends #urbanmommyinc

Its the new year and definitely you are looking for new trends to make your home comfortable during this season. Changing your home décor from the last season’s trend to the spring season will not cost you arm and a leg. To update your home you will need to acquire the spring colors, patterns and themes that will transform your home remarkably. To make sure that you are not caught on the wrong side you need to start making these changes now before the spring season comes. Here are the top 5 best spring maker-overs to make your home comfortable.

  1. Diversified Metallic

In the recent past people have used copper and rose gold as accessories for their home décor. Combining more metals like brass, gold or silver as accessories will enhance the warmth and glamour of your home.

  1. Color Blocking

There are diverse spring colors that you can feature in your home when spring come knocking. As opposed to patterns or stripes color blocking has become the most trending way to contrast solid colors in the rooms. You can use the block colors on your accessories, furniture, wall drawings and curtains.

  1. Natural Assortment

Spring trends don’t involve a sophisticated lifestyle; they require a simplicity that will make you feel comfortable at your home. Getting furniture or décor that is made from wood or stone materials will give your home outdoor natures’ feel. Another way to bring nature at home is by having pot plants or flowers. All these combined will enhance the depth and texture of your home décor.

  1. City Jungle

Tropical prints can never disappoint when it comes to improving your home décor. There are various jungle designs, leaf wall papers and accessories that will suit perfectly to your urban jungle home.

  1. Tender Pastels


Pastel shades are the number one solution when it comes to experimenting with colors in your home. Soft pink and pale blue are the most trending spring colors for 2016 spring décor. A combination of the two for your home décor will give you the most incredible home interior look.

Your home living will just get better if you have the latest spring home trends at your fingertips. With the above latest home trends you can be sure you won’t be disappointed if you apply them during the spring and beginning of summer season. 

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