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26 Weeks and counting


As a first time mother I am still amazed that I am carrying a growing little child inside of my womb. Sometimes its very hard to comprehend the magnitude of this miracle so sometimes I just dont even think about it. Until like today, I woke up and realized that I was one week away from my third trimester and only 13 weeks away from actually seeing, feeling and touching my little girl. That’s right.. We are having a beautiful little girl!

Oh so real moment..that Damn. I’m about to be a Mother

So where do I begin, I could start from the beginning, but I wont bore you (i’ll leave that to another time) but I will start by sharing my “Oh So Real” moment that “Damn, Im about to be a mother.” I know to some that might sound really odd, but to someone who has waited over 3 decades to have their first child.. believe you me, this is quite an experience. I think for the past two trimesters I have been holding back a lot of emotions and feelings and just really trying to rap my head around the pregnancy. So let’s see if I can give you a brief synopsis of what has occurred.

1st Trimester- OMG… Baby, were pregnant! Screams and shouts and tears of joy were everywhere with my dear loving fiance’ Sheldon. Then came the morning sickness, scares, trips to the ER, bleeding, tears and uncertainty of that the pregnancy might be terminating. To say the least.. the first 13 weeks scared the crap out of me!

2nd Trimester- Like on a dot, week 13 everything just seemed to ease off. I stop being sick instantly. I got a little more energy. The trips to the ER went away. Things seemed to be normal again, and we were soon going to learn about the sex of our baby. We planned a “gender reveal” party. My cravings for good food came back and all was well in the House of Joseph. In fact, I started to wonder why things were going so well. Then low and behold, I started to feel some intense pressure and pain and with a trip to the doctor, I was back in the delivery and birthing unit, having contractions and dilated 1.5 cm.

This couldn’t be happening again. Just when I was beginning to get comfortable with the idea of being a mother, having a child, moving into a new home, buying a new car, getting engaged, being a wife, buying new furniture, mowing the lawn, dealing with sick family members, working on our relationship, figuring out how to make love big and pregnant, shopping for a dress, working on a masters degree, planning two baby showers and not mention being an entrepreneur and running a full time business (all of this over a span of 10 weeks) all of this would make any sane person lose their mind! But as tenacious as I am..I kept the vision in front of me.

3rd Trimester: Well this chapter is still to be written. The fun part is that I have been put on modified bed rest. Some much needed rest i might add. additionally, I might have to miss my baby shower given by my best friends and family, but although this is only the beginning of the 3rd trimester I am still very thankful and grateful.

To some it may seem like its been a tough 26 weeks, and it has not been easy but I can truly say that without my Amazing Love of my life this journey would have been quite unbearable. Having a strong support system, a loving support network of friends and the hope that in a few short weeks I will have the chance to birth one of the greatest gifts ever, I feel proud that I will be a mother. This journey has made me even more committed, focused and determined to be a better woman, wife and Entreprenuer.

No one ever said this pregnancy journey would be easy (although I wish someone would have warned me) but it is truly worth the wait!

I love my life and I look forward to my future.


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