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3 Reasons Why New Year Resolutions don’t work. How to overcome it

It’s that time of the year when most mothers are holding their pens to write down their new year’s resolution. You are excited about the potential change-you can see yourself driving a new luxurious car, moving to a new house or going on holiday to an exciting destination or the most popular loosing weight.

The reality however is that there is a likelihood that you have had these resolutions before. Instead of focusing all your thoughts and energy on new year’s resolutions, it’s much better focusing your energy on what’s best for your life and how you will make these long term commitments permanent.  

Here are three reasons why most of us have not stuck to our resolutions and how we can make permenant lasting choices and changes. 

You aren’t emotionally aligned to your resolutions
How many time did you want to do something, started it and didn’t finish? Well, to achieve success, you should be willing to do everything it takes to achieve that noble goal. The times may get tough and if you don’t have the right emotional intensity to keep driving you towards achieving your committment, your resolve may wear down.

Decide today that no matter what desires you have to achieve, it will happen and it will happen because you have completely dedicated yourself  to seeing it through.  Only you can change, and only you can disappoint your own self.  So decide today that it’s a new day and make it happen.  

There is no commitment, motivation and inspiration.

According to research, more than 30% of New Year’s resolutions don’t make it past January and half of the remainder are abandoned soon after.  

If Your resolutions lack meaning and personal relevance, you may run out of steam sooner than you think.  Instead, take the first few days of the new year to truely reflect on the past year.  Start by making a simple list of all the things you want to accomplish then categorize them in two columns. 

  1. Immediate goals
  2. Simple goals 

In these two categories you can now add timeframes or dates to keep you on track.  Remember you have the entire year.  So for example if loosing weight is a goal you can track this by 12 months.  Is saving money for 6 months is a goal, add a dollar amount for each month.  Before you know it you will be on a strong track towards keeping your commitments.  Each month will be an inspiration for the next.  But be realistic. You don’t have focus on change for just this year. Use this time to get yourself to each months goal.  

The timing is wrong.

You may have the desire to do something but starting it at the beginning of the year is not necessarily the right choice.  

On the first day of new year, it’s hard not to reflect on the past year including the highs and lows. As you approach this year with anticipation understand that you make that choices that can determine a positive outcome.  With that in mind, there is no reason why you should make several resolutions on a single day when you have 365 days to make your resolutions.

So at the beginning of this new year I want to encourage you to focus on new year’s commitments and changes you want to make for the entire year that is best for your life.  If you have goals, focus on achieving them throughout the year and not just on a certain day of the year. Keep the commitment, inspiration and motivation alive.