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3 Tips to Get Your Children to Do Housework | Parenting Tricks #urbanmommyinc

Like most parents, there is plenty of house work to get done, and im sure you could use some extra help.  Instead of actually hiring a professional maid to clean your home, the best thing to do instead is to have your own kids help out with the housework. It’s not exactly easy to get your kids to help out with the cleaning of your home, but with a little teamwork and a few useful strategies, you’ll surely be able to get your children to help you out.

With these few tips, you can get your entire family to share in some of the housework without much fuss at all.

Timing Your Child’s Housework

It’s a really good idea to try and have your kids follow a specific timeframe of any housework they need to finish. For example, if you want your kids to wash the dishes, try to make sure that you provide them with a time limit of how long they have. You can say something along the lines of, “Make sure you wash the dishes within the next 15-20 minutes.” You can remind them that if they don’t finish it within a specific timeframe, they will lose a few minutes off one of the favorite things they enjoy like video games or cell phone time.

Provide An Incentive For Finishing On Time

This technique goes hand in hand with the above technique. You can provide them with small incentives whenever they do complete the housework within the timeframe that you give them.   You can allow them to take a later bedtime, maybe hang out with friends a little more, or simply watch a little more television. You are the one who sets the rules and reminds them about what they can’t do, so give them an incentive of something they normally don’t get the chance to do.

Utilize A Cycle Of Chores For Each Child

If you happen to have multiple children, it’s a good idea to have them do separate chores. Instead of having one kid do everything, have multiple kids do different chores in the house. One child could throw away the garbage, the other can wash the dishes, and the other can help with cleaning the living room. You can decide what they should be doing, but making it a family thing can also help bring the everyone together and work in harmony  to clean the house. Creating a cycle where they switch chores daily or weekly is also good since some kids will get bored doing the same thing over and over again. (A chore board is good for this.)

It’s important to remember that your kids don’t see chores as fun and probably really despise it…if we can devise a way to make it easier or more enjoyable it pays in the long run to spend a little time helping them get on track and learning about responsibilities early.

Lastly,if you have the time.. Thrown some gloves on, crank up the music and have a cleaning party.  It’s something they will never forget especially if you are doing the dancing!!
Have fun

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