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Home » All Things Kids » 3 year old standing on toilet sparks Gun Debate. #urbanmommyinc

3 year old standing on toilet sparks Gun Debate. #urbanmommyinc

Facebook Stacey Feeley

After I saw this image that Stacey Feeley posted of her 3-year-old  seemingly standing on a toilet playing around I simply laughed  and thought it was so cute.  However, I soon learned she was practicing a lockdown drill — hiding from a potential attacker and going through the drill her school thought her.  

I was horrified.  But my initial thought was to email my own daughters pre- school and find out what their safety rules were and if they had any in place.  It’s horrible to imagine that this is the world we live in now preparing our kids for the potential of a terrorist attack.  I remember growing up in California practicing earthquake drills under our desks, and in chicago practicing tornado drills.  But terrorist drills??

Now, don’t get me wrong, we are a home that supports and believes in the 2nd amendment for law abiding citizens.  As a mom I am torn between our rights and the impact that guns can have on our society and avoiding this type of tragedy in the future. 
This is a great conversation to have with your little ones and schools.  If you have concerns and want to know what your legislators are doing contact them direct. 

Contact your legislators 

Please let us know your thoughts.