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4 Tips to Spark Your Intimate Relationship #urbanmommyinc

Remember when you first started dating and everything was new and exciting? Has your relationship with your partner or mate lost all its spark? Don’t fret, there are a few ways to help get your relationship back on track and take to the next level. Practice these tips to bring it back to the good old days.

Positive Affirmations
Every person can use positive affirmations from time to time rather than hearing harsh criticisms. Take the time to express to your partner how you feel by leaving compliments sticky notes in the bedroom or bathroom. Write a love letter expressing the things that makes your relationship great. Randomly give out hugs out of the blue to brighten up the day. These signs of affection will help keep the relationship thriving.

Constantly Celebrate the Relationship
Set aside some quality “us” time in a quiet place away from the interruptions of cell phones, computers and televisions. Create calm and tranquil surroundings using candles and play soft music in the background. Look into each others eyes when talking to one another and share a positive or funny memory about one another. Tell them how much you appreciate them and how you feel about the relationship. This can bring your relationship to a new level of imagination, adventure and spontaneity. Once a month, dedicate a date night where it’s all about you. Put on your best clothes and make it a night on the town. For a more intimate encounter, pack a lunch and picnic in the park or on the beach.

Spice Up Your Sex Life
Romantically spending time together is important to a relationship. Sex is equally important and knowing what turns your partner on is key to a healthy sex life. Discover how to maximize and make the most out of pleasuring your partner for the duration of the relationship. Make passionate love while experimenting with a new sexual position or introduce a sex toy into the equation.

Workout Together
If you’re both gym rats, workout together or create a routine. Find something to do physically together like biking or running together or take a yoga class. If you have kids, bring them along to make it fun for the whole family. Not only will you set a great example for the kids, everyone is happy and healthy.

Add some spice to your relationship and keep the fire lit with these ideas. You will find that transforming the relationship can take 15 minutes a day. Share this advice with others in your social media circles on Facebook and Twitter. You will be surprised at how many couples could use some of theses tips to make their relationships more successful. Not only will your relationship improve, so will other things in your personal life such as work and family relationships.

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