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5 Tips On Raising A Happy Kid

Children make you want to start life over. ~Muhammad Ali

We’ve all seen or know of kids that from the moment you met them it appears that they are simply the happiest kid on earth. The reality is that every loving parent strives to provide their kids with happy and memorable moments. For some parents, it’s hard to create a balance between what makes kids happy to what is best for them. Here are 5 research based tips on how to keep your kid happy and still promote good parenting.

Step 1. Be happy yourself – Yes, it is ironic and a bit selfish, but when it comes to your kids and happiness you need to ensure that you are in a happy mood as well. It’s been proven scientifically that kids usually assimilate the emotions presented to them by their parents and if you are always nervous, anxious or feeling depressed, don’t count on having a happy kid. Sometimes it’s the simple things that make a difference. Talk to an old friend on the phone, laugh your heart out and lighten your mood; you’ll see the effects trickling down to your kids. **If you are dealing with other challenges please consult your physician** Online help

Step 2. Teach your kids how to build a relationships with others – This will encourage kids with knowing the importance of getting along with others. It really isn’t such a hard thing to teach and it can be as easy as encouraging your kids to show empathy, having gratitude or perform small acts of kindness to others. Do it right and your kids will appreciate the small things that come their way all the time.

Step 3. Always celebrate your kid’s achievements, however small they may be –  You remember  how it feels when someone compliments  you or shows kindness. Well, kids always want a sense of appreciation for whatever they may have done as well. It doesn’t need to be perfect, but the effort they put into the work or project is enough to encourage them to go on. Try creating a family dinner especially for them with their favorite meal, or taking them on an outing or even giving a gift that will make them feel appreciated. Remember, its the small things that kids will remember long term.

Step 4. Start teaching your kid  the importance of optimism as early as possible – The worse feeling is being around someone who is a “Debbie Downer.” If you don’t want to deal with surly teenagers later in life, you might as well start teaching your kids the virtue of being optimistic. Studies show that optimistic kids tend to be happier and shun depression than those who grew up with pessimistic attitudes.  If your goal is to raise a happy and healthy kid, start parenting on the virtue of optimism.

Step 5. Compare them only to themselves – We live in a socially induced world and we are beginning to see some negative impact on our children. One huge mistake parents make when raising younger kids, is always gauging them with their elder siblings or family member and pushing them towards achieving similar feats. If you want a happier and healthier kid avoid comparisons and help each kid to address their own weaknesses as well as sharpen on their strengths. Always appreciate their uniqueness from their other siblings. Lastly, remind your kids of how important and special they are any chance you get.