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An Awakening Moment | Experience Freedom

The Oprah Life You Want weekend in Seattle was amazing. I will give you all the low down on this exciting weekend in another post. But for now, I just wanted to share one of my most awakening moments during the weekend.


One of My Awakening Moments

It’s about Liberation and Freedom. Being liberated from others and freedom from baggage from yourself, your past or even family. On opening night,  Oprah shared her personal story and journey.  She talked about how it was at one point difficult for her to say “No” to people. She talked about how liberating It was to finally arrived at a place where she could say it and mean it.

Of course I reflected on my own personal life. I realized that for me it’s not so much about saying no, as it is about having those tough, real and direct conversations with others. These sorts of things were challenging for me.  Why? Because I was more concerned about hurtung anothers feelings or ruining a realtionship.  But what I’ve learned is that when you are 100% real with yourself, You can be that with others. And when you do, boy oh boy…watch out!

Not only will you feel a sense of liberation you will be FREE of those  shackles. See, your not responsible for other people feelings and emotions. Your not responsible for their baggage, their insecurities,  their hang ups.
Once you’ve put it all on the table, forgiven them and yourself, it’s time to move on. What they choose to do wirh that conversation and how they choose to react is not your problem.

When it’s done right,  I’ve found you will have so much peace with letting it all go and moving forward. See that’s freedom.


Thanks Oprah for reminding me of the power of valuing yourself, reconciling and letting go.


xoxo – Mo Joseph

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