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Are you a traditional wedding dress girl?

So our wedding nuptials are fast approaching and with a new baby on the way and a host of other things to prepare for, finding a dress was the last thing on my mind until I ran across a beautiful colored dress that totally fits my personality. So I started researching the whole traditional white gown. And I wasn’t surprised to learn where it came from, but I was surprised to find out that prior to this era women were more liberated and free in their choices.


So in 1840 Queen Victoria decided to marry in all white, and low and behold this became the standard in weddings. It quickly became a sign of status and wealth, but prior to that women wore all sorts of colors including plaids! Not sure if I could rock a plaid dress. I think catholic school turned me off from anything plaid.


So what’s behind the meaning of a colored wedding dress. Choosing a color can reflect your personality and set you apart from typical society

Red shows passion, strength, love and power. In China, it represents good luck, and in India, purity.


Grey is considered emotionally-neutral, but it can also represent a conservative tradition and formality.

Purple is the colored favored by most artist and is known to be the symbol of royalty and good judgement.


Blue is symbol of strength and loyalty. It actually use to be the traditional color choice for wedding dresses before Queen Victoria made the white dress popular in 1840.


Black Is usually a symbol of death in the western culture, but it can also reflects sophistication, class and elegance. Designers like Vera Wang did an entire collection of black bridal gowns.


Green is the symbol of hope and loyalty in love. The green wedding dress was very popular in the medieval times.


Brown is the symbol of patience in battle and victory.

So what have I chosen you may be thinking.. Well, its not traditional, it’s not Victorian, and its not frilly filled with lots of patterns and bling. On our very special day, I have chosen a light blue vintage dress that totally and completely fits my personality. What’s even better is when I asked my dear Fiancé what he thought about me choosing a color dress dress to wear, he stated ” I thought that was the original plan. Your not a traditional girl”. See that’s why I Love him so much. He lets me be me! What more can you ask for.

Stay tuned: I’ll post pics of the dress and more soon!!

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