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Guest Interviews/Contributors

Guest Interviews/Contributors

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We know that the best information comes right from the source and that’s you! Everyday parents with lots of on everything urban, motherhood, parenting, kids, travel, life, and more. So we are looking for you and looking for you to share your insights!

Our Interest– Everyday Mom, fashion forward mother, travel, events, interviews, best reviews on products and services, entertainment, relationships, sex, money, kids, inspiration. You can send it to us in the form of a quick write-up with included pictures, or a short video. Each month, we’ll select some of them, and publish them right here on our blog. We’ll also spread the word about your awesome story via our twitter, Facebook, instagram and other social media pages.


So why write for Urban Mommy?

1. Grow your brand and gain more loyal followers. Our blog currently has a reach of 1.7 million people. Your blog post will be promoted to 10,000 plus readers via email and rss. We currently have over 12,000 Facebook friends, 12, 800 twitter friends and of course we are connected on every other social media site. We will promote your post and you too will gain more friends.

2. We are here to support you. We believe in community and promote community with all our friends and contributing writers. We work hard to help you grow your brand, expand and connect with like-minded individuals.

3. We take pride in knowing we are supporting moms across the country. People who contribute to our blog are everyday moms just like you. They want to share and grow just like you. But most importantly, they want to share their personal and invaluable insight with others so that they can expand, be motivated and encouraged.

4.  Make instant Cash  Most blogs do not pay for contributing writers.  We offer $3-$5 for well written articles 300-600 words. Original work with excellent content.  Once your article is approved we submit payments direct through paypal.


Guidelines for submission


You can begin by emailing your submissions to  or submit your article below.

Here’s what we’ll need from you:

  • First and Last Name
  • Email Address (if it’s different than the one you’re sending from)
  • City and State
  • Twitter and other social media handles
  • How (or if) readers who have questions can contact you directly (email, Twitter, Facebook)
  • Your commitment that you will check back with the blog for the 7 day period following your posting to respond to any questions left in the comments section.
  • A picture of yourself, if you’d like to use one
  • A short bio – no more than a couple of sentences
    • o Ex. Lisa Mink, Mother of 5, two sets of twins and an awesome swimmer. I enjoy reading, biking and everything motherhood. But most importantly, I enjoy being me first!

For written submissions:

  • 300-600 words of an original story that isn’t published elsewhere.
  • All relevant links (To specific photos, websites, etc. If you don’t have these, we will fill in with the links we find appropriate). If you want a link to your personal or business website, please include up to 3 links in your bio.
  • 4-6 pictures you want included in your post

For photo submissions:

  • 4-6 clear, good quality photos
  • Captions for the photos
  • Please email us your photos with the attachment

For video submissions:

  • 2-5 minutes of video
  • A description, or caption
  • Please upload your video to YouTube and send us the link

We won’t be able to publish everything, but we will contact you when we are ready to use yours. If you don’t want to be acknowledged by name, please let us know.

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