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Barbie Has a New Body! And It’s about Time. #urbanmommyinc

Just yesterday my husband and I had a conversation about the images that our 2 1/2 year old daughter is seeing at her her school.  Our conversation led us to discussing how we want to motivate and encourage her to see the world through a “true and ideal lense” like loving her beautiful natural curly hair, brown skin, long legs and passion for life.

Every parents desire is that their daughter is empowered and successful.  But honestly, if the images they are bombarded with daily speak opposite, then as a parent we have no other choice but to control their environment. So, we made a conscious choice that we were not going to introduce our daughter to Barbie because the images in our opinion, are not reflective of actual girls.
 On the other hand, I’m sure at some point as a mother you have had a Barbie or two.  And if you think back, that was probably the first image or ideal girl you wanted to be.  Awesome clothes, cute boyfriend( Ken), big boobs, cool house and car… Right? Well, I know I did.

Times have changed (a bit)  and we have evolved as a society, but the mainstream media and the fashion industry has only recently started to accept the changes in visual images of the everyday woman.

Like the work Dove is doing to empower young women, by challenging our perception of beauty, skin and body image and empowering women to live confidently is something every company should aim towards.   I am a proponent of corporate responsibility.  Especially for organizations that make products and services that influence our youngest minds. Even Mattel has tried to add to this conversation and influence like the introduction of the Zendaya Barbie.

For years, mothers have debated the body question and images shown to our girls. Even researchers have argued that Barbie suggests the ideal body is thin and can even limit career choices. While Mattel claims they have no influence over girls and their goal is to simply inspire girls that “anything is possible” (that sounds like influence to me) the reality is that Barbie not only “inspires” girls, it influences choices.

Well, it appears that the declining sales and other available options for girls has influenced their new outlook. And as a mom I can say, “It’s  about time!”

Mattel, the maker of Barbie has decided to completely remake their iconic blonde.  They will unveil their new collection featuring tall, petite and curvy versions to be sold alongside the original model of course.

The all new body shapes will be sold online beginning January 28th at and will be released in retail stores later this year.

Here are some of the new looks of Barbie.

What do you think? I would love to hear your thoughts on the new image.
Check this video on the influence of Barbie on girls