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Before you buy, Follow these simple tips #BlackFriday  #Christmas 

The hunt is on! And finding the perfect gift for your kids is usually the first thing we think about as parents after thanksgiving.   But before you buy parents should consider some simple buying and recall tips courtesy of CPSV.Gov

Source by Recalls:

Before you buy, follow these simple tips to help your holiday gifts be a source of joy rather than pain:
Check the label: 

Choose age appropriate toys by reading the age label on the toy. For children younger than 3, avoid toys with small parts, which can cause choking. In particular, avoid deflated or broken balloons, small parts or small balls.

Get safety gear. 

With scooters and other riding toys, helmets and safety gear should be worn properly at all times and they should be sized to fit. Avoid riding a scooter on a street or roadway with other motor vehicles.

Be careful with magnets: 

High powered magnet sets are dangerous and should be kept away from children under 14. Building and play sets with small magnets should also be kept away from small children.

Want to be sure? Check all recall call on toys, children products, household and more.  Here 

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