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Best Tips for Traveling to Disneyland with Toddlers- #urbanmommyinc #Disneyland

Disneyland vacation-urbanmommyinc

Our 3 year old daughter has recently become obsessed with everything Mickey mouse. So it was just a natural plan to celebrate her 3rd birthday at the happiest place on earth.  We knew however this could be an overwhelming magical moment if not planned correctly.

Here’s my shortlist of having a magical day without feeling like you have to cover everything in the park. You and your family will have an awesome time is everyone is relaxed and not stressed.

Plan your Disney Vacation like a pro

Always begin by taking a little time to research by visiting the Disneyland website. After you’ve covered the foundation and have become familiar with the park start with:

  • Pre purchased tickets .   We purchased our tickets right from the Disneyland app.  You can avoid the sometimes long lines (if going on a weekend) and it works well if you plan on visiting more than one day.  Sometimes you can also find some great deals on the site for multiple days.

my niece and daughter all set for the park

  •  Download the Disneyland park app  
  • This was the first thing my husband did when we entered the park.  It was a life saver.  You can find out all the times of your favorite characters and where they will be located.  This was an important feature. It had been so long since I’d visited Walt Disney World or DisneyLand.  I thought the characters still just walked around the park. Things have certainly changed. So you want to be prepared as much as possible so you can find that favorite character.

  • If you have a toddler bring your stroller or rent one .  I cant express enough how important this is. If you have a little one, they will surely get tired of walking.  After the 1st hour along with the heat, she couldnt take it any longer. So if you dont want a fussy kid… pack the stroller or rent one at the park. 


  • Take it slow and enjoy the park.  We agreed early on that we were going to spend the entire day at the park.  So we planned the day carefully.  With a toddler you never know what detours you might have to make.  So read your map, decide on what’s important and go from there.  In the park there are lots of things to do and see so it doesn’t matter if you can’t get it all in one day, there’s always tomorrow! 

Check out some of our favorite family time pictures.  And don’t forget to share this with other Mom’s looking to visit the most magical place on earth.