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Bonding: How Uncertain Times Brings A Mother And Son Closer Together.

By: Landra Glover 

Since I set out to relocate from Oregon to Texas things have been very interesting. Originally, I thought my transition from one state to another with my eight-year-old would for the most part be smooth. I expected a few bumps in the road, but I had no idea that I would be driving from city to city. I also, had no idea that uncertain times would ignite a deeper bond between my son and I.

Prior to having Jaxon, I’d lived other places so I didn’t have any real issues with maneuvering around situations that weren’t always in my favor in fact, I personally believe that a few bumps in the road builds character. As we experienced the highs and lows of our transition, a few things took place and I believe that these things brought us closer. 

Here are Four way to bond with your through Uncertain Times. 

Communication is vital

I allowed my son to ask me questions and share his feelings. Ultimately I made the final decision, but giving my son a voice was important to me. I didn’t want him to hold memories of feeling confused and stifled. It proved to be a wise decision and our communication began to evolve and since this journey our conversation have developed.

Intimate moments are game changers

Taking your children out for social events is great but one-on-one teaching moments are life changing. I recall occasions when I had to explain and prepare him for my next move and my duties as a mother felt as if they had intensified. I also, notice of areas in our relationship that needed some fine-tuning.

Traditions are important

As we traveled from city to city we held on to some of the things we enjoyed prior to moving like books. Jaxon loves his Marvel Comics and I love books in general. We found a library wherever we went and when the library was closed we sought out Barnes and Noble.

Make the best of all situations

Wherever we landed I made the conscious effort to embrace the good. I would seek out free fun attraction or play compare and contrast different parks or movie theaters. That turned into a conversation and prompted Jaxon to think outside of the box and fine something good in every city.

Now we are walking in the morning he thinks it’s boring, but we converse, laugh and chase the grasshoppers. Most importantly, we are together and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I had no idea that we would be thrown a curve ball or I would be challenged in so many ways, but here we are in a small town outside of St. Louis Missouri. We have our library cards and were sitting in Barnes & Nobles as I type this blog.

The Journey isn’t over and that is exactly what this has been a Journey and through it all I know that everything happens for a reason. I’m really getting to know my son, and learning a great deal about myself. This truly is a beautiful Journey.

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