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Build strong Girls for life- The freedom of Belly Dance Cultural  enrichment.  #urbanmommyinc

Empowering the development of fearless strong girls and kids is one of the cornerstones of parenting in my opinion.  

As a parent I’m always looking for new ways to inspire my daughter and give her the encouragement she needs to be a vibrant, courageous and fearless person.   

After attending a local meet up group for natural hair women I met a very talented young woman ABAGail Dunn who is a Naturalpath Doctor and happens to teach belly dance classes for little ones.  

Being new to the Phoenix area I was so excited to learn about this unique opportunity and  I quickly signed up Zoie.  I couldn’t have made a better decision.  

Here’s what I learned by watching my 3 year old in her very first dance class, and here’s why every parent should allow their kids to experience cultural enhancement programs  through performance based activities.  

1.   Positive reinforcement

This gives your child the opportunity to receive positive reinforcement for someone other than the parent.  Every child needs to hear “great job” or you can do this.  Give them the opportunity to experience this from others who want to see them succeed.  

2.  Foster Creative energy

Growing up is all about experiences.  What parent hasn’t taken their kid to karate class or gymnastics and swimming.  Giving your child the gift of experience and creative energy will encourage a new world of learning.  

3.  Gain confidence

For girls, this is essential even at such a young age.  With all of the sometimes negative images floating in the media about a girls image from her body to her hair, it is important to connect your daughter to organizations and people that help to reinforce and nurture positive body images and healthy lifestyles.     

                                                                                          4.  Learn cultural appreciation. 

One of the greatest gifts you can give a kid is to help them understand the importance of who they are and where they come from.  When a child has a strong connection to their family, history and legacy it will reinforce positive self images and they will gain a strong cultural appreciation.  This outlook gives them a better perspective on self, those around them and the world.   

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