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Car maintenance: Six Tips On How Not To Get Taken For A Ride

By: Landra Glover 

Single Moms Corner 

Through all the unexpected travel that I have recently experienced it only made sense that my car would need some maintenance repairs. Unfortunately, I was disappointed because a few mechanics immediately treated me as if I did not know what my vehicle of six years needed. Moreover, they were trying to convince me that I needed to pay out several hundred dollars for a very simple repair. What they did not know was this single mom has a few tips and tricks that have never failed.

Know your vehicle
You do not have to be a car connoisseur, but have a solid amount of understanding of the make and model of your vehicle. We have a great deal of access to information through books and YouTube so expanding your knowledge will be easy. Taking the time to educate yourself about the family car is the first line of defense to eliminating the possibility of being taken for a ride.

Learn the basics
Ask a trusted friend or pay someone who knows about cars to show you the basics and if you have a teenager make sure they learn as well. Learn how to do an oil change, tire change and anything else that is simple and easy to do. This also is a great way to build a relationship with a mechanic who could help you in the future.

Do not ignore your car
Your car is like your child if you do not take care of it problems will arise. I know we can replace a cars, but as single mothers replacing a cars hand be life altering I can honestly say that I have know idea what I would do if my car was beyond repair right now. Regular oil changes and routine maintenance is vital. If you take care of your car it will keep maintenance cost down and most like will last a lot longer.

Maintenance fund
If you purchase a new car, I recommend that you purchase an extended warranty. If your car is used, budget a dollar amount that you can afford every paycheck and put it into a savings for car repairs. It maybe tough, but it will be worth it in the long.

Ask for your parts
If you are feeling unsure about the mechanic go somewhere else, but if that is not an option I highly recommend asking the mechanic to return the old parts. Through that action, you can be assured that the parts were sincerely changed.

Auto part stores
Have you ever really take note to the people that shop or work in these stores. I can personal vouch that on many occasion I got lots of information from customers and people that work in these stores. Often times these people have a great deal of knowledge about vehicles and may even have connections with trustworthy mechanics that will be more than happy to provide a quality service for a fare price.

I saved a great deal of money on my recent repair and it was sincerely worth it. I met a mechanic at the auto store who was professional, fare and listened to my concerns. He didn’t interrupt me, returned my old car parts and did exactly what he said that he was going to do. Oh wait and I saved two-hundred dollars.
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