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Single Mom’s Corner

Late Night Confessions From A Single Mom – “I’m Tired”

Nights like this I wonder does a single mom know how to embrace balance?  I’m reminded as to how we forget to take care of ourselves because our children need a bath and a story, so how dare we deny them of the basics….we don’t, we put our needs to the side.  I’m sure that every single mom can relate ...

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Every Single Mom Has One, But She Isn’t Using It.

Recently I was called to the stage to perform and I couldn’t have asked for a better introduction. Once I stepped on the stage I told the audience that after my performance I would be heading home immediately because I had to get home to perform my mommy duties. I stood on stage and the chorus to the song by ...

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This remedy helped me survive a tough week!

I don’t go around announcing that I am a single mom in hopes that I’ll get some extras in life or sympathy, but last week was very disappointing.   I experienced some inconveniences and I felt very frustrated. I know life happens to us all but like most single moms, I’m constantly being pulled into many different directions. When people don’t ...

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I wasn’t ready for this stage.

Welp it finally happened! Jaxon has officially given me instructions on how to show my affection in public and I’m not really feeling the restrictions.  Just the other day, while out in public, I asked him if I could have a hug and he looked around to see if there were any people nearby and that is when it really ...

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Why Every Single Mom Should Take a Vacation To The Country

I’ve spent most of my life living in the city and I enjoy a lot of what the city life has to offer especially, the convenience. I can get in my car and drive to a movie theater in about ten minutes and I appreciate that.   Yet, there are a few downsides to living in the city.  I had forgotten ...

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Stunts and Stilettos

Stunts and Stilettos By Landra Glover Yep, that’s me attempting to ride my bike down a handicap ramp, and all I can say is thanks to the Gods—the Gods of Please Don’t Let Me Break My Neck, the Gods of Cool Points, and the Gods of I Can Do Anything. The days of playing safe with my son  Jaxon ended years ...

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