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Coach, Lifestyle Trainer and Fitness Contributor #Kevin Platt #urbanmommyinc

Urban Mommy is excited to bring on the fantastic Kevin Platt as our resident health and wellness guru.  

We understand that the one thing that moms can do for themselves and their families is to take good care of themselves.  Moms are at the cornerstone of the family and when the stone is removed, everything can fall apart.  

We want to share expert advice on keeping and making your health top priority.  

Learn more about Kevin’s journey.   We look forward to sharing his bi-monthly blogs.  

Meet Kevin

Like most athletes after a career in sports, I pursed coaching and athletic conditioning. A couple years into training my mother and I were both diagnosed with cancer. 

This changed my outlook on health and fitness completely. I’ve learned that group fitness is the leading way to impact/influence the most people. Now a days, with obesity rates sky rocketing this especially seen in our youth, I’ve realized changing the mothers outlook on health can positively impact the family. 

Burn Boot Camp has been the perfect platform for me to expand my vision on healthy lifestyles instead of “quick fixes.


Burn Boot Camp Gilbert 





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