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Creative Fall Projects for Kids 》DIY

Fall is my favorite time of year, and what better thing is there to do than get the little ones involved in some arts and crafts that reflect the season. Here are some great projects that incorporate fall ideas that you and and kids can have fun bonding and working on this autumn.

Apple and Leaf Prints

This assumes you already have apples on hand, but if not, the stores or farmers’ markets are sure to be full of them. Buy your favorites to eat, and get a few for this project. You can collect the leaves out in your own yard in a matter of minutes. Different sizes, and leaves from different trees, are the best for variation in the project.

What you need:
– apples
– leaves
– paper towels
– paints
– a bowl for each color of paint (use styrofoam or paper bowls for easy clean-up)
– plain paper of some sort – construction paper is best, but white printing paper will work

What to do:
1) Cut the apples in half. You can cut them horizontally, the the way you would if you were going to eat it, but also cut one with the cut horizonally, to create a “star” with the seeds.
2) Pour a good amount of each color paint into bowls.
3) Lay out a few layers of paper towels.
4) Have your youngster dip the apple halves and leaves into the desired paint color.
6) Teach them how to “blot” the apple or leaf on the paper towels to remove the excess paint.
7) Help your child learn how to fully press the apple or leaf onto the paper to make the desired design.

And there you are! This will produce some fabulous artwork that your kids will be proud of.

Acorn Painting


This is a great project, if you have access to acorns. It’s also quick and easy, and lots of fun for your children!

What you need:
– paper
– paints (preferably in squeeze containers, like mustard bottles)
– acorns
– clean empty oatmeal containers
– masking tape (optional)

What to do:
1) Have your child drop several good-sized blobs of paints of different colors onto the paper.
2) Place the paper into the oatmeal container. Curling the edges and having it basically line the inside of the can with the paint toward the center is best, but other ways work well too.
3) Have your child add a few acorns and put on the lid. (You might want to secure the lid with masking tape as a precaution.)
4) Have your child hold both ends of the container and then shake as much as he or she likes.
5) Remove the paper from the container to see the beautiful design.

Every painting will be different and unique! Your kids will work off some energy, and have a blast!

Pumpkin Seed Trees


What better way to use those pumpkin seeds then for a great craft project? Here you can use them as the leaves on a tree!

What you need:
– paper
– dried pumpkin seeds
– paints, bright fall colors and brown
– a paintbrush
– glue

What to do:
1) A day ahead of time, paint your dried seeds with various colors. Colors of autumn leaves like orange, red, and yellow are great, but any color is fine. Let them dry overnight.
2) Using the paintbrush, paint the children’s arms and hands with the brown paint, and have them press down their arm and hand (with fingers spread out) onto the paper, creating the trunk and branches of the tree. Let dry.
3) Have your kids add the pumpkin seed “leaves” with glue to the branches, falling from the branches, and on the ground beside the trunk.

Voilà! You’ll have a great personalized fall picture to display!

These projects are easy, fun, and a great way to create memories. They’re also ideal at changing an afternoon from typical into extraordinary. What are you waiting for? Get started. They’ll love it!