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DreamWorks Dawn of the Croods premiered Aug 26th -#UtbanMommyInc #Netflix

Season 2 of DreamWorks Animation’s Dawn of the Croods premieres exclusively on Netflix this Friday, August 26th! With only two days until the premiere, we wanted to share clips and a still from the show with you. 

DAWN OF THE CROODS SEASON 2 SYNOPSISThe world’s first family returns for an all-new hilarious Season 2 of DREAMWORKS: DAWN OF THE CROODS!

 Watch as Eep, Thunk, Grug, Ugga, Sandy and Gran encounter many new modern-day problems for the first time in history as they navigate life in the prehistoric Croodacious Era! Eep joins the first Scream-Leading team, sets up the first underground dance club, and takes up death-guarding at the watering hole; Grug tries to improve his hunting skills through the introduction of math and convinces the family to go on the first vacation; Thunk invents ventriloquism for the first-ever stand-up comedy show and tries the new fad, Slateboarding, with Eep.

“Seeing Double”

Double the Grug must mean double the trouble! Who is this imposter & where did he come from? See who’s who in an all-new season of Dawn of the Croods on Netflix August 26!

Join the family as they meet new friends and encounter new creatures throughout Ahhh! Valley. Eep gets struck with the crush curse when a new cute guy, Kevin, comes to town; Thunk proves he’s responsible by babysitting the new, troublesome baby neighbor, Cliff; Grug finds a new friend, Gurg, to be his doppelganger when he wants to play hooky from his chores; and while on vacation, the whole family is attacked by a never-before-seen Tyrannoconda and meets a new family, The Broods, who live in a solitary utopia that seems too good to be true…

“The First Skateboarders”

Slateboards are the newest fad & Eep and Thunk have to get their hands on one! They cost more than just a pocket of flies…so how will they afford them? See what adventures await in an all-new season of Dawn of the Croods on Netflix 

All of these new hilarious action-packed adventures and much more! Tune-in for more laughs only on Netflix August 26th!