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Four Tips on How Not to Overspend During the Holidays.

I sincerely feel like I blinked and the holidays were standing right in front of me and I’m always like wow that was fast! Throughout the years the holidays casually cross my mind from time to time but as it quickly approaches, and it often feels like it does, I know at some point I better get started to avoid the last minute rush.
A great number of us keep everything in our head and that can be a habit that needs to be broken, especially, during the holidays.
Here are a few tips on budgeting for the holidays for all you moms out there.

Make a commitment

Simply make a decision on what you plan to spend for the holidays and allow no one to change your mind. If you are feeling pressured by friends and family remember at the end of the day you will be left with the tab.

Include the family

Don’t be afraid to have a conversation with your children about money. There will be different levels of discussion depending upon the age of your children, but as a single mother you may be doing more harm by trying to give the perception that money is never an issue.

Keep a spending journal

Keep a note pad, one small enough to fit in your purse, so you can review it and stick to it. Writing things down will put your finances in perspective and can prompt you to look at your holiday shopping differently. If you come across a gift that is not on your list or may push you over you budget sleep on it. Don’t allow sales clerks or anyone else to bait you into purchasing something you shouldn’t.

Seek support

Ask someone you trust to hold you accountable or try using a budgeting app that provides text message reminders on your account activity. Having the constant reminder that you are overspending may save you a great deal of money. Also, you may find that using the app could help you in your everyday spending habits.
I wanted to encourage all my single moms out there to not allow single mommy guilt to pressure you into financial debt. I know deep down inside you know this but I’m just that little reminder, that friend who cares about your financial health and that single mom who knows how it feels to want to give your child everything but your financial situation says slow down.
I’m convinced that if we stress ourselves out during the holidays it will take away from the sincere joy and pleasure of spending time with our children, not to mention the financial debt after the holidays have passed. All it takes is a few minutes to grab a sheet of paper and start planning your purchases for Christmas. Moms, let’s get started and make this holiday stress- free and financially healthy.