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Get Your Accountability Partner #Fitness #Urbanmommyinc

Have you ever started a workout or nutrition plan and not followed through with it?
A majority of the population can answer a resounding “YES.” There are many factors that contribute to following through with any goal, but one major hinderance can be accountability.

We all have had days where we would rather lay in bed, skip a workout, or eat that slice of pizza. Don’t get down on yourself when you have these urges! Even fitness professionals have days like this! We are all human! Looking for a way to help solve this problem?…..

Find an ACCOUNTABILITY partner!

An accountability partner can range from family, friends, co-workers,spouses,or somebody you just met at the gym. Everyone has seen the commercial with the devil and the Angel whispering “eat this” “don’t eat that” “go to the gym” “skip the workout” etc. Ultimately, this person becomes your “saving grace.” They are your will power when yours is faltering. You can learn to depend on each other to reach your goals together.

This is what your personal trainer is for as well! We want to help and see you succeed! For example, I used to have a client message me EVERY time she had the urge to buy chocolate! I would reply with, “NO!” Eventually, she would hear my voice yelling at her whenever she wanted to purchase chocolate! This client had a major chocolate addiction that turned into a controlled eating habit!

Think about this statement, and figure out who this could be in your life. This needs to be someone who can hold you accountable and not let you get away with bad habits and decisions. Remember, everyday you don’t take action takes you one day further from achieving your goal.

“The glue that ties COMMITMENT to the RESULT is simply ACCOUNTABILITY”.

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