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Happy Hanukkah! Get These Creative Hands-on Hanukkah Crafts for Kids!

Written by: QR Pascal
Happy Hanukkah to all! This time of year can be magical for children if you play it right. Some of the best memories are lighting the menorah, opening presents, and eating latkes. When you’re making those delicious potato pancakes though, what are the kids doing?

Here are some fun and simple ways to keep them happily occupied.

1. Hand menorah drawings!


Supplies needed: Markers, paper, and hands. Finger paints optional. You may have seen the thanksgiving turkey hand drawings, here’s our winter version! -If you choose to use paints (maybe for the slightly older kids) set out paper with some paper bags under them for cleanliness, and the paints. Have the kids cover their hands in the paint and them place them on the paper with their thumbs touching. Their thumbs touching will be the Shamesh. Then finger paint on some flames with orange, red, or yellow paints above each finger. -Using markers: Have one kid place their hands on the paper in the same position while you or another kid traces around them. Draw on flames, and you’re done! Well, almost done.
The part to keep them busy is the decoration. Supply the kids with a rainbow of colors and they will never be bored.
2. Playing dreidel!

This is an often forgotten tradition that is fun and exciting for all parties involved. All you need is a dreidel or two and some gelt. Brush up on the instructions here:

3. Popsicle stick menorot!

You will need: those paints or markers, popsicle sticks, and possible tape.Create the base: this can be 9 popsicle sticks taped to a paper, stuck into a block of foam, or taped onto another popsicle stick! Have them decorate the candles and draw on flames for each night!

Have your children get their creative side on, and you can even join them! Enjoy these hanukkah crafts and the free kid-less time it will buy you!