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Apart from providing just hydration, fresh water and lemon juice can deliver surprising benefits. A cup of warm or cold lemon water every morning is actually a ritual in many ethnic cultures, for stimulating digestion for the day, as well as; clearing toxins in the body that may have been suspended in the digestive track. Most of the times we tend to prefer warm beverages in the morning like tea and coffee, and most people will admit to taking in at least 8 ounces of water or more throughout the day. So instead of your normal ritual for the next seven days, let’s try starting your day with some cold or warm lemon water first to stimulate digestion.

To give you a better visual of why this would be important and a benefit to your total body and beauty I’ve listed a few key health reasons why lemon water in the morning is beyond just fun:

1.  Supporting immune functions: 

Vitamin C present in lemon brings out the anti-inflammatory effects, and used for complementary aid for diseases like asthma and also other respiratory diseases. Lemons are rich in antioxidant vitamin C which supports healthy immune function reducing the chance of respiratory infections. I was recently sick for several weeks. I noticed that why I drank only lemon water in the morning and hot lemon water before bed it would help loosen everything going on in the respiratory area.

Minerals are also contained in lemons that show antimicrobial features helping keep cold. Finally absorption of iron (which plays crucial function in immune system) is also enhanced by vitamin C in lemons.

2.  Support digestion

Citrus stimulate and purify the liver. Lemon water is traditionally believed to aid digestive acid in stomach. Vitamin C is also linked with reduced chances of peptic ulcers.

3.   Alkalizing the body

Lemons citric acid which is weak acid. They are therefore easily metabolized from the body hence allowing contents of lemon aid alkalize the body. Actually lemons are one of the most alkalizing foods found in the body.

4.   Accelerate healing

Vitamin C is an important nutrient in maintenance of connecting tissues, cartilages and healthy bones. Vitamin C is found in plenty in lemons and fastens wound healing. It also brings out the anti-inflammatory features as noted previously. Lemon water therefore is an important food in healing from unnecessary stress and even injury and maintenance good health in general.

5.  Clearing the skin:

Various antioxidants and vitamin C in lemons reduce free radical damage, especially caused by the ultraviolet rays and environment toxins. This is responsible for many signs of aging. Taking lemon water can help reduce this damage hence minimizing wrinkles on the skin. In order to reduce the appearance of scars and age sports one can apply lemon juice topically to help minimize their appearance. Lemon juice was traditionally believed to help suck toxins out of the blood and this would help the skin to clear blemishes. Lemon water also plays a very crucial role in balancing the pH levels in the body by replenishing salt in the body more so after a strenuous workout session.

Of course lemons alone will not rid your entire body of all the toxins. I’ve also found that when I’m my healthiest, it’s when i’m able to maintain a balanced diet along with proper exercise, sleep and less stress around me.   In the busy world we live in, its hard enough to sometimes just make it out of bed on time, but the way I see it… We have a lot of living to do, so why not do some of the simple things that can aid in being our best us!

Keep drinking that water lovelies!



  1. Very educative. Really liked he post. Was a good one. Thanks for sharing.

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