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Hottest Makeup Trends for This Fall #urbanmommyinc


As a busy mom, you may not even have had the time to try bold eyeliners and different shades of smoky eye trends during the summer. However, it is not too late to look and for fall. You do not have to be an expert in order to pull these make-up trends off. Whether you want to remain conservative with your make up during the day and Jazzing it up in the evening, these trends will show off your versatility and you make you that standout mom that you have always wanted to be.

Go brighter with blush

Bright blush will enable you to show off your playful side. While your accessories may add to your general look, blush will enhance your facial features and also ensure that you remain youthful. The coral and pink blush blend will accentuate your cheeks in amazing ways. Always remember to apply blush tall the way out to your hairline.

Bold brows will make a difference

Many women find it difficult to get that uber-modern arch when it comes to their eyebrows. When you tweeze the hairs that grow outside your main brow and shape the hairs below your arch, you will be able to maintain the perfect brow look. Flick a brow pencil that is one shade lighter than your brows for that incredible finishing touch.

Do not forget about the classic neutrals

Anyone could wear nude make-up during fall and still look fabulous. A light nude touch will add all of the imperfection on your face especially on the cheekbones, the forehead and the chin. Do not wear thick mascara when using classic neutrals, alternatively, you can twist your eyelashes with tongs and apply shimmering shadows under the brows. This will simply make your eyes look much more appealing.

Opt for bold lip colors

Fall is a great time for trendy moms to experiment with different make-up trends and accessories. If you prefer overly simple make-up that does not give away too much, try out bold colors like hot pink and red. Usually, these colors stand out and set off tanned skin.

In order to keep up the changing seasons, a good fashion sense is a must. However, the right make-up can change your entire outlook. These trendy tips will always come in handy on different days. For more make-up tips, check out our mommy blog.

Remember to share these tips and tricks with your friends so that they do not fall short on the chicness. No pun intended!