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How Your Family Can Honor Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr All Year

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. remains a notable and honorable figure in today’s history. Known for preaching equality and togetherness for all people.  Dr. King was a key leader and activist within the civil rights movement. Through learning experiences, good deeds, and community service, both parents and kids alike can honor Dr. Martin Luther King and his dream for a peaceful and equal way of life throughout the year.  
Why is it important for kids to learn about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr? 

Dr. King was a vital force in the civil rights movement, which ultimately led to the end of racial segregation in America.  It is important for kids to recognize positive examples of leadership. After all, without activists such as Dr. King, there could possibly be no advocating for change. 

Martin Luther King Jr. is an inspiration and example for anyone who wants to take a stand when they find something to be unfair or unkind. Not only did Dr. King take a stand, but he did so in a peaceful, non-violent manner. 

What are some ways that my family can honor Dr. King? 
We can honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr through research and home-based projects. 

A great way to honor Dr. King is to simply understand his purpose and goals. Families can work together to gain a greater understanding by taking a trip to the local library, or even by doing some research on the internet. 

For example, have your children study Martin Luther King Jr’s iconic “I have a dream” speech. Afterwords, challenge them to ponder on what they would like to see changed in their life, school or world.  Then, have them create their own short speech modeling after “I have a dream”. This activity will allow them to go into deep thought about how to make the world and more fair and agreeable place, much like what Martin Luther King Jr’s mission was too. 

For the little ones you can explain he importance of Dr. King by making a handly craft that’s fun and teaching them about principles like peace, love and kindness.  

We can honor Martin Luther King Jr through community service. 

Dr. King believed that their should be peace and kindness among all people. Families can honor him by simply helping their fellow community members. For example, children and their parents can both visit homeless shelters, retirement homes, and hospitals. During their visit they can provide acts of kindness in the form of handing out donations, homemade gifts, or by simply spending time with those in need of a friendly face.

We can honor Dr.King by honoring his legacy.

Dr. King had a dream for mutual understanding, racial equality, and peace among people. While we have com a long way, prejudiceness unfortunately still exists in today’s world. We can honor Dr. King everyday by living by his values and continuing to promote his mission. We can do so by being kind to one another and recognizing what’s on the inside, and not on the outside. We can also honor Dr. King’s legacy by informing others of this as well. 

As you take time off today and throughout the year, there are many ways to honor and show respect for one of history’s most notable, positive activists. Through research, activities, service projects, kindness, and more, your family can come together to celebrate the legacy of Dr, Martin Luther King Jr. 

Be inspired today and Be kind and share with another family.