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Hype? Or a New Experience  #Urbanmommyinc #Travel #Vegas

It’s so easy to get caught in the everyday routine of kids, diapers, family…Repeat.  As moms, that can become our world and soon we forget about just enjoying life a little.   After having my daughter I was like many mothers, I got stuck in doing the same thing over and over again. I made it a point that whenever I have the opportunity I will try something new regardless of how silly, crazy or different it may be.

I was quite surprised, and even more surprised when I sat down and started inhaling green, blue and red liquids.   While in Las Vegas this week and strolling on the strip I happened across an “Oxygen Bar.” I had heard about this new craze (it’s actually been around since the 90’s) and thought it was so silly, but It wasnt too hard for me to sit down once she said, “You will also get a neck and back massage”  I was sold.

So what is it? Simply put, its aromatherapy mixed with essential oils.  Its been known to help relieve headaches and other sensory issues like reducing stress.  Immediatly, I could taste lavender and Eucalyptus . You are breathing in mints and flavors.  It was quite invigorating and the massage was awesome.

Now according to the FDA it is not approved and you are inhaling oxygen which is a prescription drug.   They did not make any medical claims or miracle cure suggestions either. In addition, according to the American Lung association, “Inhaling oxygen is not likely to have any physiology effect and no evidence it’s dangerous to your health.”  Well in that case, I guess it was a good experience.  I even purchased the back and neck massager.
So much fun… Next time your in Vegas stop by the Serenity Las Vegas, Oxygen Bar and be the judge yourself.