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I am not my hair | A natural girl reflection


In Rome Italy

So, I got my hair braided recently for an upcoming trip to Italy and it’s been interesting to see how people respond to me with longer (synthetic) hair. And it got me to thinking. Why do we define people (particularly black women) based on hair? If you choose to straighten it, lock it, cut it short or off…it’s your HAIR! this hair does not define me or who I am. However, society and it’s norms places so many demands on women.

We often feel the need to fit in and be accepted. I know at one point in my life I went through great lengths to be socially accepted,  but not anymore. It’s something liberating about doing what you want. Cutting my hair and going back to my God-given natural state was the best thing that ever happened. You have to remember that your individuality is the foundation of who you are. Be bold and proud.


So, this is a shout out to all the women doing and being who you are!! Do what you want to do.. you are not the reflection or expectation of others.

Live life the way you want too!

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