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I can't Breathe!! | Race relations in America


Protestor in NYC

Again I typically take the diplomatic route and I don’t share too much polotical or racial info, AND I’m sure this will piss some people off and I just might loose a few friends behind this, but I have to say after tonight, I’m pretty much done with taming my feelings and thoughts because of all the non-brown people who are my “friends.”


I can’t begin to express like so many other people today how disappointed and disgusted I am with the volatile system we live in. But even moreso, I’m disappointed with how so many of my white friends are choosing to be SILENT!  Part of healing race relations begins with “relationships” If your friend was in the hospital, you would show up, bring flowers. Well, if your friends are hurting. …SHOW UP!

I hurt for my husband, my brother, my brother-in-laws and all the black men in my life who struggle every day in our country. This is a sad sad day in America., but even moreso, it’s sad to me that as liberal as some people claim to be, they are still walking the fence with standing up for justice and showing solidarity for injustices in this country. Listen up people,  something major just happened in this country over the past several months, don’t just take the easy road.  Be fearless,  express yourself (even if you don’t agree with the masses) but at least you showed some humanity and recognize that the world around you isn’t just White!!  The reality is that YOU can STILL BREATHE!

xoxo – Mo Joseph


  1. I admire your courage to speak your beliefs, despite the potential backlash. I hope more people follow your lead.

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