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I wasn’t ready for this stage.

Welp it finally happened! Jaxon has officially given me instructions on how to show my affection in public and I’m not really feeling the restrictions.  Just the other day, while out in public, I asked him if I could have a hug and he looked around to see if there were any people nearby and that is when it really hit me that this is one stage that I may not like but can’t ignore.  This stage never kept me up at night because I was too busy thinking about the heavy stuff like girls.   I knew kids went through this stage but I thought it would happen later in life apparently I was wrong because the rules have been set.  No cute little nick-names, kissing or hugging when I pick him up from camp but I am allowed to show as much affection at home.  He hasn’t said if his rules only apply when kids are around so best believe I will try to give some love around the adults and I’m hoping he will give me a pass.   I will admit that there were a few signs but perhaps I ignored them because when I look at him I still see my chubby cheek baby boy.     I’m constantly reminding him about how tall he is getting and I would appreciate it if he would stop growing because he is moving too fast.  Jaxon laughs and hugs me because there is a part of him that enjoys being my baby boy but the reality is he is growing up right before my eyes and there isn’t anything I can do about it.  So I’m going to respect the little man that lives within Jaxon and embrace every opportunity to kiss my baby boy I mean big boy.

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