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I’m No SuperMom! But the Stress of it is real & How to overcome it

As Moms, we often find ourselves putting our Kids first and neglecting to take care of our needs. The supermom syndrome may be new but more and more women are getting sucked into this false illusion. If you feel like you’re letting your Kids down by not being the perfect mom,  trust me, your not alone and you should be reassured that you are the “Best” mom your kids could have.

Use these 3 ways to encourage yourself

Have some time for yourself

There’s not enough time in a day to be everything to everyone.  For instance, you may need to go to work in order to provide for your family or take your kids to school, and other places that they need to go.  And lets not mention your husband, boyfriend or significant other who also needs a share of your time. And if you’re single, when can you find time for dating?

The reality is that you don’t have to accomplish everything in a single day because you also need to find time to take care of your needs. It will be okay. Ive learned that, those clothes, dishes in the sink or floor that needs to be mopped will be okay until it gets done.  Take time out for yourself. You deserve it.

Maintain your good health

The idea of being a supermom is stressful because of all the pressures of meeting everyone’s expectations. Your health is of primary concern because if you start having health problems, you’ll even find it harder just being a regular mom.  My daughter is now at an age where she is very active.  Ive noticed I didn’t have a lot of energy to keep up with her.  I also noticed that I needed to do something for myself and not just to keep up with her. Deciding to workout, eat better and visit the doctor more often was for my benefit which will intern affect my family health.

At the end of the day, you have to stay in good health for you and the results will benefit everyone. So go ahead,  give yourself some time off to just relax.

Inspire Yourself 

Being a supermom means always being on your feet attending to everyone’s needs. However, if you take some time out from your busy schedule, refocus and do something wonderful for yourself you will feel awesome.

A good friend’s small business logo and slogan says, “If you look good, you feel good.”  Its so true.  Think about after you had your first baby.. I know for me it was nothing but, leggins, yoga pants and comfort everyday.  It had gotten to the place where I wasnt even putting on makeup anymore.  One day I decided to just go and get a little glammed up for me.  I didnt reallize how much i missed the feeling of being at the spa, getting my lashes and nails.  just being pampered.

I was also allowing myself to fall into these never ended emotions and day in and day out rituals of just blah.  I realized in that moment that in order for me to have the motivation and strength to continue all the daily demands of being a mother, I needed to reclaim the things that make me feel better about myself.

So there you have, the supermom syndrome can simply be a burden that we impose on ourselves. The perfect family and perfect mom is a myth because we’re only human. So take some time off from your busy schedule and enjoy the benefits of just being a good mom and investing in you again.

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