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More than a Violin Recital: Why His performance brought me to tears. – #urbanmommyinc #inspiration

I’m sitting in the audience, at Jaxon’s violin recital and prior to getting comfortable in my seat things were pretty bananas. I took on a great temporary position with my current employer, which required me to work on weekends in addition, to my regular position. Working on the weekends for a single mom isn’t easy. Jaxon and I are very active and busy. I volunteer, love performing poetry in my community and I’ve got Jaxon involved in a great deal of activities as well so things can get kind of hectic.

When I headed out of my house to attend the recital I didn’t consider myself completely ready for the event. My nails polish was chipping and my outfit was nice, but not my first choice. I spent most of my free time trying to make sure that Jaxon had everything he needed for the recital and unfortunately my needs got lost in translation.

During the performance I started to cry, heck I almost released the ugly cry, but I held it together. I tried to figure out why was I so emotional. I keep Jaxon involved in extracurricular activities. I’ve seen him perform before, but then it hit me. I’m crying because we made it once again, we survived and the end result was a success. I have to admit this wasn’t an easy experience for reasons that were beyond my control, but I pressed through the trials of trying to raise a well-rounded kid.

I just wanted to make sure that he was ready just like all the other children. I frown upon feeling like the hopeless, always running behind single mom. There are times when the “single mom card” gets pulled because the reality is no one can do it all especially, a single parent. I have accepted that in certain situation we will lack poise because there isn’t a father in the home, but that will not stop me from doing the best that I can. I’m constantly reminding Jaxon about his amazing talents and gifts.  I want him to always realize that allowing outside forces to deter him just isn’t an option. He can do anything! 

The performance was great and the kids did an amazing job. This particular adventure was hard, but hey what would life be without challenges. As I close out this blog I think about my personal goals, the need to step into my purpose and how Jaxon is a constant reminder that all things in life will work out. Stay tune because my world is about to change and I would love to invite you all along for the ride.

Check out my darlings recital.   You can see why I was so excited for his success.