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Why self-care is important on Mother’s Day and throughout the year | #HappyMothersDay

Before children and a husband I never really thought about self-care. It was truly something that I did all the time just for me. If it meant going to the spa monthly, getting my nails, hair and a pedicure… it was just a way of life, something I did.

I’m sure many moms can relate. I can’t even tell you when that stopped this natural ritual. Actually I can, it was the day that I became a mom. I’m not sure why so many us become moms and we just forget one important element… US! I’ve learned over these past 4 years being a mother that if you neglect yourself at some point it will eventually impact you mentally, physically and emotionally.

So over the past year I have been paying special attention to the way that I care for myself. First, I started a journal and really spent time reflecting on what is important to me and how I can get myself back to feeling good all the time. I’ve started doing little things that I used to do before marriage and kids that really made me feel good about myself. Like getting pedicures and manicures often. I joined a sports club and signed up for boxing classes. I’ve found that the smallest investment in self changes your attitude and daily perspective.

So what can you do today to start the journey of self -care now and throughout the year?

Set a goal

Is there something that you’ve always wanted to do? Take a karate class learn how to sew maybe you don’t know how to swim whatever thing that you’ve always wanted to try now is the perfect time to do it. We know the research that learning new hobbies at years to your life, motivate you, and gives you a sense of satisfaction of accomplishment.

Make relaxation a part of your life

Even on a limited budget you can find ways to indulge in relaxation. Something as simple as taking one evening a month to soak in the tub give yourself a facial. Maybe even just take time out with a good book and cup of coffee or tea and quiet time by yourself. If you want to step it up a notch every month or every other month take time out to get a manicure pedicure a facial or massage. Your body will thank you and so will your family around you because you will be so relaxed.

Plan your next mini vacay or big trip

Studies show that the anticipation of vacation can bring just as much psychological reward as the actual vacation. Shane Lopez, a Gallup senior scientist and author of “Making Hope Happen,” calls this “nexting.” Knowing that relief and rest are coming keeps parents energized for today’s puppet shows and snack

times, tumbles and sibling tussles.

Utilize holidays to spend time with your good friends

Birthdays & Mother’s Day are good reasons to plan your next spa day, mini facials or relaxing time. This weekend, we found a special on a facial at my local spa for another’s day, so my friend and I had facials, lunch and just enjoyed our time catching us. I felt so relaxed and ready to take on the day.

Whatever you choose to do, choose to invest just a little time each month doing something you enjoy or something you want to try. You will thank yourself later.

Happy Mothers Day beautiful!