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Never Give up!!


Today I got very emotional when I logged online to register and confirm my Masters Degree for graduation for June.  I wasnt emotional because of the long hard journey of completing my degree, I was emotional because I was just simply happy that I did not GIVE UP!

No matter what is in your way, no matter what stumbling blocks you may have had to dodge, what people in your life may have detered you…no matter what, keep your eyes on the prize.  It is a liberating and awesome experience to know that through it all.. You did it!

As a mom I know how difficult it is to manage everyday life with family and career, and oftentimes we neglect our very own needs.  Even if you have negelected yourself or put off something that you have been wanting to do, Dont ever give up and dont ever doubt your awesome ability to handle the task set before you.

You are awesome and wonderfully made! relish in that beauty and keep pushing!