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Oh, The Truths of Motherhood| #UrbanMommyInc #NewMoms

By: K. Taylor

I have a lot more than 5 truths to motherhood, but I will give you the 5 truths that I have had people ask me if ever it happened to me being a mommy. Some of these will make you laugh, some of them will make you cry and some of them you will say that can’t be right. Just wait as you welcome motherhood you will see what I mean.

Truth #1:

Your infant is resilient. Don’t worry, you will drop your infant or your infant will roll off the bed. Trust me it happens to everyone, you will not be alone. Your infant will cry, you will cry, you will be terrified but in 99% of the cases when an infant falls from the bed or falls from your lap they are just fine. I always thought how can you let that happen to your child, well I found out first hand. My first rolled off my chest out of the rocker and to the tile floor, I panicked just as you would and rushed him to his pediatrician, whom consoled me and assured me he was going to be fine, and guess what he is just fine he is now a happy healthy 4 year old little boy.

Truth #2:

You will get pooped, peed and puked on.You think it will never happen to me. You will get pooped, peed and puked on I promise you this. Both of my children have pooped on me (mainly from a diaper blowout) I have been peed on plenty as a matter of fact my 4 year old just peed on my the other day because he thought it would be funny. Puked on happens almost daily when they are infants, and now with toddlers its at least once a year I still get puked on. Trust those who say that it will happen.

Truth #3:

Your child will cry for no reason. Babies cry, it’s what they do. Your baby will cry for no reason at times, they can be clean, fed, no fever, not teething, not sick and not tired. The best thing you can do is console your child, if you are feeling overwhelmed put them down, and breath for a moment.

Truth #4:

You are not super woman. Ladies, as new moms we all feel so in love and blessed that we don’t realize we are all tired, probably even exhausted. It’s ok to have a messy house, a sink full of dishes, forget a load of laundry in the washer for a bit. We are sleep deprived, and trying to keep up and it’s not alway possible. My best advice is to sleep when baby sleeps, take the extra help when it’s offered, use freezer meals, ask a friend to watch your newborn so you can take a bath. We just aren’t super women and need to take a minute and get some sleep once in a while.

Truth #5:

You are not just a mom.Just because you are a mom now, that does not define you. You cannot forget about yourself, you are a wife, a sister, a friend, a daughter and a mom. You still have the right to you time, your interests, your hobbies and girls night out. You do not have to give up every aspect of yourself just because you are now raising that sweet, innocent, amazing child.
We have all done the amazing thing and gave birth, we carried a child within our bodies. We are all moms, not one of us invincible, not one of us will never feel blue or never worry about our children.

Welcome to motherhood.

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