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Reflection: People, Culture & Nation #Capetown #SouthAfrica 

We have enjoyed our stay these past 9 days in Capetown South Africa.  The sights, sounds, people, food and culture is everything I had hoped for.  

As I sit here at breakfast with my husband preparing for our last tour I’m very reflective.  

Today, we take the Long Walk to Freedom all day tour and I just realized that For almost 10 days we have been totally removed from all media concerning United States politics, but the moment we arrived in Capetown South Africa we could still feel the continued state of white supremacy in this country. All blacks still work for white people, no Economic freedom, no black businesses, poverty and lack of education .  (In my follow up post I will share more about the current state of affairs, people and our visits to local shelters, businesses and fabulous Uber drivers and more

I’ll give you an example of what I mean….I mean I had a white woman tell me, “move out the way” in a grocery store, and just yesterday an older white woman hesitated  as she tried to find the words how to describe my daughter as she sat there and stared at her for a least 30 minutes.  So she simply said, Zoie is a pretty girl.  I automatically felt thrusted into the 1960s of what blacks in America dealt with. 

It’s only 20 years post apartheid and We honor Mandela now, but this country has a long way to go. Moments like this remind me of all the sacrifices of the people that came before us and the great shoulders we stand on. 

I can’t wait to share more with you all about our entire 10 day visit to beautiful Capetown South Africa.  

Monique T Joseph