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How to Rejuvenate Yourself |My Day at Rejuvenation Day Spa

I recently realized that I was out of touch with the different levels of self-care. I had become accustomed to maneuvering through traffic arriving ten minutes early for a massage or reflexology only to jump right back into the busy world of viola and Taekwondo classes for my son. When I sat down with Shari, joint owner of Rejuvenation Day Spa it dawned on me that I hadn’t sincerely experienced a holistic spa, where you get special treatments to relax your mind, soul and body.

“I remember being stressed out from work and really needed to relax.” Says Shari. Through her search, she met Diana, an amazing massage therapist who would eventually become her business partner to create Rejuvenation Day Spa located in the Johns Landing area. With nineteen years in the business and an anniversary quickly approaching they have successfully managed to maintain the authenticity of holistic health in a market that has been saturated with so many options.

I’m privy to your typical pedicure and at one point I spent an entire year getting a monthly massage, but I still hadn’t scratched the surface of true relaxation until my experience at rejuvenation spa. I could tell from the moment I called to make my appointment that this was going to be a spa day to remember. The spa offered an array of services to choose from and I didn’t know where to start ( I needed one of everything) but with a knowledgeable and professionals staff, some who have been there for as long as nineteen years they knew exactly how to navigate a tranquil experience for me.

I was encouraged to come early and not just to insure I fill out paper work, oh no. They wanted me to enjoy the sauna and the relaxation room before and after services if I chose. As I was guided into the back and politely asked to turn off or silence my cell phone I obliged with no hesitation because at that moment I didn’t believe social media could compare to the atmosphere of the relaxation room.

I was escorted into the lady’s lounge given a robe, slippers, and locker. The lounge had all the little things I would need in case I had forgotten anything. After the sauna I had at least and half hour to forty five minutes to simply do nothing. I usually, carry some sort of reading material with me, but I sincerely lost the desire to read anything while in the relaxation room. I rested my mind I quieted my soul and got in touch with me.

My first service, Tangerine Dream (one of the most requested service) I highly recommend this treatment. Exfoliation for the skin with a blend of natural sea salts and tangerine oil that were gently yet firmly massaged over my body. My dull, dry skin was sloughed away leaving me with a soft, glow. I then experienced stimulating effects of the Vichy shower I felt compelled to quietly quote positive affirmations to myself as I felt renewed with this treatment and my body was ridding itself from the old. The treatment was concluded with an uplifting tangerine moisturizing massage my skin was smooth and supple, tingling with improved circulation.
Shortly after the Tangerine Dream, I spent a few moments in the relaxation room as I waited for my next treatment.

Earth Elements wrap. This wrap focused on the warm and stabilizing sun and earth elements which was perfect for me. Normally they stimulate the skin with dry-brushing but my first service provided me with a sufficient amount of dry brushing so I was given an extended massage. They massaged my body with a blend of shea butter, organic botanical extracts and pure essential oils that stimulates blood flow to soothe and revive tired, aching muscles. Next, I was wrapped in steamy, hot linens that had been steeped in mineral salts, juniper berries, ginger, rosemary and cinnamon. This service also included a Vichy shower.

Once the services were completed I was encouraged to spend more time in the relaxation room before getting back on the road and that is exactly what I did.

I left Rejuvenation Day Spa that night feeling relaxed both physically and mentally most importantly, I was reminded on just how important it is to embrace true holistic self-care.

Rejuvenation Day Spa


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