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Simple Mother’s Day Ideas – Project Nursery

Mother’s day is approaching fast! What are some of the simple ideas that you have done in the past or considering doing this upcoming Mothers day May 11, 2014?

What’s so awesome about Mother’s day is that it gives you a chance to show those you love a little extra special love. Each day many of us show our mothers, sisters, aunts and special people just how much they mean to us.  This holiday I want to encourage you to take a little time to think about a small gift that you took time to create, make or bake.  Mom’s love these sorts of thoughtful gifts (as well as the bling one’s) But these tiny little gifts often go a long way in a mothers memory bank.

Here’s some ideas from our friends at Project Nursery… Share some of yours today!

Happy Mother’s Day.. and don’t forget to take some time to do something special with those you love!


Simple Mother’s Day Ideas – Project Nursery.

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