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Special ways to Remember the One’s We’ve Lost During the Holidays.

Since having my daughter I think I’ve become even more sensitive during the holidays. And why not,  It truly is the most wonderful time of the year.  And when family get together it’s hard not to remember those very special loved ones who we have passed over the years.  

This is also, one of the best times to remember your loved ones in a very special way.  So I thought I share three new family traditions we’ve started and special ways we remember our loved one’s no longer with us.  

Decorate or buy a special ornament. 

This is a great way to get the kids involved and tell those funny stories about your loved one.  Take time to share a moment with family and friends, have a moment of silence and then hang your hand decorated or purchased ornament on Christmas Eve. 

Bake or Cook a special dish


Oh the smell of baking during the holidays! My grandmother I believe was a master in the kitchen.  She worked several jobs cooking for others during her lifetime.  One of the things she did with me as a child was to teach me her craft.  So I’ve started doing the same with my daughter.  So this year, we’ve started baking Christmas cookies in remembrance of Grandma Lucy.  I take this time to tell stories and share loving moments. This is great for bonding with both family and friends.  

Remember them through music


Who doesn’t love holiday music. Well, this is a great way to have fun with the entire family.  Create a play list of your love ones favorite holiday music and even throw in some of your own holiday favorite.  This is sure to set the mood and get everyone in on the singing, laughing and sharing of good ole memories.   
Remember, the whole goal is to never forget and to continue to keep their memory alive in our hearts. Whatever you decide to do.. Keep making memories, keep loving and keep their memory alive!
Merry Christmas everyone.