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12 Habits for Parenting Success

Whether you’re a stay-at-home mom, work-from-home mom, or working mom, you are an awesome mom. You know what it’s like to give 100% while running on two cups of coffee and three hours of sleep. If you’re like many other moms, you do most—if not all—of the household chores: shopping, cleaning, cooking, laundry, and more. With all the love you ...

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Forget what you’ve been told about Peanut Allergies: New Research 

The National Institutes of Health has completely changed their tune regarding when we should start to introduce peanuts to our children.   The American Academy of Pediatrics has been suggesting since 2000 that parents hold off introducing peanuts and other foods containing allergens when starting their infants on solids as it was believed that we would be decreasing the chances ...

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Barbie Has a New Body! And It’s about Time. #urbanmommyinc

Just yesterday my husband and I had a conversation about the images that our 2 1/2 year old daughter is seeing at her her school.  Our conversation led us to discussing how we want to motivate and encourage her to see the world through a “true and ideal lense” like loving her beautiful natural curly hair, brown skin, long legs ...

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The School Shooting Trend: How To Talk To Your Kids About Safety & Preparedness

School shooting incidences is an actual disaster and tragedy which are on the increase in the recent past and this is a worrying trend for all the parents. Just as most adults would show panic in such situations, children would be even more scared.  Studies show there is a need to slowly prepare them about possible life altering moments if ...

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Our favorite African-American Children’s Books – Celebrate World Book Day

It’s World Book Day and we wanted to share our favorite African-American books for kids.  Our daughter is only 20 months old, but she already has a collection of over 50 children’s books.  Our selection brings together our favorite authors that evoke song, culture,  pride and fun all together in one easy to read format for little ones. We hope ...

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Living a life with no regrets | A Mothers perspective

I was talking to a friend of mine recently that has undergone several operations. She seemed so depressed, tired and really just worn out. I remember her saying that she needed to get home to prepare for her daughters recital. Now this was literally hours after her procedure. I remember thinking to myself, “There should be someone there helping her ...

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