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Breaking the Price Myth #healthyeating #workout 

 By: Kevin Platt  As a Personal Trainer, the number one thing I hear is eating healthy is too costly. This can be true until you understand the value of buying in bulk and breaking down prices. A majority of grocery stores have a healthy/organic section, but these usually come with a hefty price tag. Consumers are unaware of the savings ...

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Why Just Run? 3 Tips to Enhance your Running Routine #KevinPlatt #Fitness

By: Kevin Platt  People all around the world love to go on daily runs. This is a great stress reliever for many as well as being a great cardio workout. For many years, running has served as the go to exercise to drop unwanted weight. There are a few strategies we can examine to help enhance your results from running. ...

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The Struggle is Real – #Fitness #KevinPlatt 

Now days the go to weight loss solution is crash dieting. Dieters are told that if they take this pill or drink that shake that they will see 15 pounds melt away without changing their eating habits or ever leaving the couch! Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of quality products on the market. But, no one product should ...

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Get Your Accountability Partner #Fitness #Urbanmommyinc

Have you ever started a workout or nutrition plan and not followed through with it? A majority of the population can answer a resounding “YES.” There are many factors that contribute to following through with any goal, but one major hinderance can be accountability. We all have had days where we would rather lay in bed, skip a workout, or ...

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Coach, Lifestyle Trainer and Fitness Contributor #Kevin Platt #urbanmommyinc

Urban Mommy is excited to bring on the fantastic Kevin Platt as our resident health and wellness guru.   We understand that the one thing that moms can do for themselves and their families is to take good care of themselves.  Moms are at the cornerstone of the family and when the stone is removed, everything can fall apart.   ...

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