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You Can’t go wrong with these 5 selfie vacation tips

For a few of us, the practice of the selfie has become intuitive, and pumping out album after album of flawlessly lit and well balanced photos is an form of art in which we are supremely capable….but everyone can make some improvements, even the selfie matriarchs! On our most recent family vacation this past November to Capetown, South Africa we ...

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4 Ways to De-Escalate Before You Lose it! #newparents #urbanmommyinc

By Leslie Jackson As a mom or a dad  you love your children unconditionally, but lets face it…. Sometimes  they can be incredibly frustrating little beings.  Most parents have fallen into a situation where their first instinct is to yell fiercely at their child. The urge to yell and scream is a natural consequence of anger. Then when you pile ...

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