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The Best Fall Shoes for Busy Moms – My Top Picks

Because I’m a mother doesn’t mean I have to only been seen in leggings, flip-flops and UGG boots all the time. I still want to have cute styles that are both affordable and comfortable.  Usually it’s hard to find both in one. If they are affordable, the shoes are usually not all that cute. And if they are cute, well… they might not be too cheap and they are most likely not comfortable.

So, I’ve been updating my wardrobe and I thought I would share some of my favorite finds and great buys for the season.

Here are my top picks for this fall

The Ankle Boot/Bootie– Ankle boots a stylish and comfortable. You can almost add color and uniqueness to any outfit, especially if you are not in the mood for wearing heels. I recommend getting your basic colors to start (black and brown) and building your wardrobe from there.  As you change your style over the fall, you can add more textures or styles.

TIP: Sign up for your favorite stores email and shop the sales.  If you can, don’t wait till the leaves are on the ground. Get a leg up and shop those early premier sales.

Riding boot–  I’m from Chicago, and we are used to wearing tall boots to protect you from the climate. But in any climate, the flat riding boot is the ultimate accessory.  I am the ultimate sale shopper, but this is one time where I will advise you to invest in a good riding/tall boot with a good hard sole.  If you purchase a good pair, they will last you a very long time.  I usually take my boots every fall to my favorite shoe repair and get the soles redone. They always look brand new! If you have the extra cash, splurge on yourself a little. Your feet will thank you.  Plus Moms, riding boots looks great with your favorite pair of leggings!

Loafer- Now when you think of loafer don’t think of grandma’s shoes.  Loafers today are fun, sexy and super comfortable.  get out of your comfort zone and choose a loafer that is unique to you and brings out your character.  If you find it hard to decide, start with a pattern like a cheetah print or calf hair or color.  Loafers can add a bit of contrast and texture to any simple outfit you put on while hanging out with the kids or going out on date night.  And the best part, you can find a great pair that inexpensive.


Have fun with exploring new styles this fall



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