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The Best Ways to Organize your Bedroom -#DIY #UrbanMommyInc

My new years resolution was to become significantly tidier. I can hand on heart say that I began well and then hit a brick wall when my natural messiness took over as life got in the way. Keeping your home clean and tidy is difficult when you’re working two jobs and still trying to keep up with socializing and visiting family – finding ‘me’ time is even harder! So I had been trying to come up with ways I could keep organised and on top of things without it seeming too much a burdening task.


“How do I organise my bedroom?” I asked my best gal pal, who I shall refer to as Monica (after the character from American TV sitcom FRIENDS), due to her impeccably clean house and personal motto of ‘no mess no stress’. She fluttered her big eyes at me and said with a slightly patronising undertone, “Let me come round and show you how I manage my life using three items; cardboard boxes, cello tape and a sharpie pen”. Without hesitation I agreed and let her rampage through my bedroom, organising things into their own special boxes – make-up and brushes in one, arts and crafts in another, stationary and paper, old clothes, winter duvets etc… the day was long but we succeeded in filing away all the stuff I wanted to keep but didn’t have a need for at the current time.


There was still a lot of stuff lying around even after we tackled the ‘un-want-ables’. Monica suggested I have a look for some long-term solutions – credit card at the ready, we went online to try to source some quality smart storage. My room has that gorgeous shabby chic vibe, and it really is a shame I can’t keep it clear, because I worked extremely hard decorating it a couple of years ago. It’s full of rustic furniture made from reclaimed wood (you know, the eco-friendly stuff) because I’m all about that sustainable movement – surrounded by indoor foliage and handmade wall plaques (heavily inspired by Tumblr, I am not ashamed to admit). So it made sense that my smart storage fitted in with the theme.


I found some great ideas on Pinterest and followed their links until I landed on EAT SLEEP LIVE where I immediately fell in love with their reclaimed wood (yes!) underbed storage. It was a joyous investment as the drawers fitted immaculately underneath my double bed! Now I have easy access to the things I use daily but don’t want out on display – such as my dressing gown and slippers, PJ’s and blankets. I then realised how much space I was wasting in my room by not utilising it smartly,


as I had now done with my under bed storage.


A couple of days later I had ordered half the internet into my room and now it’s looking manufique! Though not all the awesome ideas I found could be used in my particular space, I thought I would share some of them with the other mess makers of the world…


Most of my girlfriends own these inexpensive plastic make-up organisers. Ideal for the items you’ll use daily and eradicate having to forage through your many cosmetic bags! It also keeps everything upright so you reduce spillage.

Get underwear organisers – as daft as it sounds, I was forever grabbing odd socks and running out of pants thinking there would be a pair hidden at the back – this way of tidying them has saved me a couple of commando moments



This easy way of storing your electronics can be DIY hacked – saving you pennies whilst also saving you from tripping hazards! Keeping these items plugged in and at the ready also saved me a lot of time when I have to get ready for work and don’t have the patience to stand untangling all the wires.



If I had the space for a wardrobe like this, believe me, I would have it. But I don’t, so I shall l keep this in my ‘Goals for the Future’ folder and aim to keep my clothes actually on hangers for now…

full closet