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The Hard Choices We Make : Business or Pleasure?


It’s was a Friday night and I should have been in Los Angeles, California at an event that many may never get the opportunity to experience. Instead I was at home, in my jersey shorts, on my laptop working on a few projects. Originally, I told myself that I was attending the event no matter what because you only live once and tomorrow isn’t promise. Out of nowhere I started to hear a small voice from within reminding me about my goals and dreams and the little voice wouldn’t go away. That little voice kept encouraging me to rethink my decision and focus on my ultimate goals in life. I attempted to ignore the voice inside because I was a little fixated with buying a new dress, shoes and a cute clutch to match. The constant back and forth with my self was becoming a little ridiculous, so I sat down and added up the cost of my amazing opportunity.

Financially, I would have survived because we all know that money comes and goes.  What I wasn’t going to get back was my time. Being able to spend time with my son is more important to me than anything. So I chose not to go and despite the fact that I knew I was making the right decision.  However, the selfish part of me still wanted to enjoy the lights, cameras and action. I purposely decided to tackle my projects at the same time the event was happening. I wanted a positive distraction to get me through my touch decision. It worked!  Before I knew it I had completed my projects and gotten a little closer to my dreams.

Here a few important things that I experienced during my decision making process that might help you also:
Honoring self-commitment shows self-love and is very rewarding in the end.
Sadness.  You will experience a little sadness because you are missing out on a fun opportunity but once you reach your goal the sadness sincerely dissipates.
Supportive friends
Having a good friend you can call who will be honest and supporting is very beneficial. A good friend will tell you the truth and perhaps share their personal stories of sacrifice.  I missed a great event, but I gained a great deal of appreciation for my ability to acknowledge what was important and when the next opportunity is extended my way I’ll be ready because I made the sacrifices.


Regardless of the choice that you make, just know that you are ultimately responsible for your own happiness.  I’m sure you will make the right one !


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