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The True Spirit of the Season | A Holiday Free Store Review



Black Friday… A day where many of us venture out into the crowd at the crack of dawn to hopefully land a dirt cheap television or get our hands on the new play station or XBox for our loved ones, the reality is that many hard working people wont be able to even afford a simple gift for their child or put food on the table this Holiday season. But is this really the true meaning of the holiday season?

In Portland, Oregon, one organization has made it their mission to give away and help those in need give much needed gifts to their loved ones.  Today, I had a chance to participate in an exciting event and witness some of the most giving people around.  The PDX Free Holiday Store operates in different locations around town. Their mission is simple, You bring whatever items you want to donate, and you can walk away with whatever you like.  If you can pack it and carry it… Its yours! just that simple!!

What I found to be more amazing is that when I walked in the room I saw average every day working people with their children shopping for possible gifts to give to their child.  I myself had tons of stuff to donate and even before I could walk in the main hall, the 2 month old baby bouncer was already taken from my hands. I was moved to tears as I watched people look through tables of free stuff.  Giving is truly a joy, but having a spirit and heart to give to others in need is a opportunity to experience true happiness.


So as you decide to venture out this Black Friday or other days leading up to the holidays, think of those who are not in the position this season to provide gifts, think of how you can help give back to someone else. Even if you have to clean your closets and donate those items you know you can even wear anymore.  The true spirit of this season is about giving to others, but most importantly taking time out for our brothers and sisters and blessing others with your time and energy.

Learn more about the PDX Holiday Free store by watching our interview and gathering all your stuff out your garage and closet and coming down to the next one in 2 weeks.

Tis the season!!

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