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Think You Need to Spend Thousands of Dollars on a Wedding?….Think again! #urbanmommyinc

There is nothing more beautiful than attending a wedding where you leave and say, “Wow that was amazing!”  But whats more amazing is the price tag attached to you having a great time and then leaving. The bride and groom however  will certainly remember the price-tag along with those special memories.

Now dont get me wrong. What girl doesnt grow up dreaming of her perfect wedding, perfect dress, perfect location and perfect man! The reality is that we spend so much time on the superficial things that we miss out on the most important…The man you will be spending the rest of your life with, if you are so lucky.

Both my husband and I married young the first time and it was a disaster!  We both spent thousands of dollars for it to only end in a 1 year marriage.  What a waste! that perfect dress, perfect location and perfect day.

The second time around, we got it right! We did it our way.  We both agreed that the most important thing is “us” and if anyone else wants to join us in celebrating, we’d more than welcome them.  To start, we decided on a destination wedding in Hawaii, but we ended up getting pregnant  before the wedding so instead we opted for the Justice of the Peace.  Unfortuantely I was put on bed rest and in the hospital,  so our gracious judge married us at the hospital.

I spent a total of $250 on my wedding day. Yes you read that right. A grand total of $250. The flowers were purchased by the hospital and my cake was amazing from Beaverton Bakery! We had a total of 50 guests. My make-up was done by a good friend who owns Love-Lee Hair,  My dress was purchased by my step-father who sadly pass away from heart failure 1 week before I married my best-friend and our reception was held in theChildren’s  Garden at Legacy Emanuel Hospital.

We seemed to have so much happening and going on at the time and in 1 month our little girl was set to be born. So I rolled up my sleeves and planned a wedding in under 2 weeks.

It was the most perfect day!

Here are my suggestions for making it your own and keeping your costs down.

  1. Work as a team and together.
  2. Decide whats important. Do you want a $10,000 wedding or do you want to put that money toward a house
  3. Don’t be influenced by outside people.  Including family
  4. Do what you want to do as a couple and future family
  5. Think outside the box.  Do you really want a white dress/gown. You don’t  have to be traditional
  6. Make some of your own decorations, invitations, reception give-aways
  7. Consider the Justice of the Peace and have an awesome reception.
  8. Remember this is about the two of you.. not everyone else

Check out the photos from our most perfect day and the day I married my Best Friend